Our Human Potential

Due to the current CV-19 extravaganza I have been temporarily laid-off since March 19th this year as a licensed massage therapist, which has been very challenging in that my work is my meditation. It is where I go to socialize, provide safe, healing touch to a very broken, pain-ridden world of people who in turn help me keep perspective on life. They share their personal stories of tragedy, suffering, and healing victories which helps me appreciate the human species even more.

To be honest, in my youth into my young adult years, I didn’t have a great fondness for people. I found them hard to trust and didn’t always feel safe in their company. Such is the result of being raised in an often turbulent, abusive household. The flip side of that upbringing is I would find safe harbor in my deep, rich, inner world where art, music, animals and plants were sanctuaries I could rely on. They were safe, they were always there for me, and rarely caused me suffering.

Around 2nd grade I remember a conversation with my mom where I asked who God’s parents were. She laughed and said He didn’t have any. I was in shock! How could this be? Where did He come from then? These kinds of profound thoughts would leave my young mind restless at night as I pondered the stars. Little did I know, the Universe was listening!

Around age 11, while playing outside one summer evening at a nearby park with my younger sister and two grade school friends, my world was turned on its head. Looking up, as I often did (and still do) I saw a black void moving silently across the starry night sky, headed slowly in our direction. We were used to seeing the Goodyear blimp in the summer, with its bulky, oval shape, the basket underneath, engine whirring, and flashing “Goodyear Tires” in white lights along the length of its side. This was no blimp, however. Its silhouette revealed a behemoth, elongated oval shape with no discernible basket. It was dead silent and once it arrived directly overhead began moving in a great circle. It felt very conscious, as if it was quite aware of having our attention. Suddenly, one red light appeared at one end. We were giggly, shaking and in awe, whispering excitedly to each other a million questions about what it could be. No other people were in the area, which also seemed remarkable on a lovely night.


To our utter surprise and delight it flashed a row of lights in a very precise, repeated sequence of colors:, red, yellow, blue. They came on all at once and turned off. We squealed with excitement. It did this same flash on/off of colors a few more times, then went dark, but left the one red “tail” light on. Then, it did a most remarkable move, almost as if to prove beyond a doubt it was NOT a blimp. It slowly turned end over end, while still moving in a circle overhead. We could see the one red light going round and round, like some crazy, slow-motion carnival ride. I felt so overwhelmed with awe I was on the verge of passing out. What could it mean?! What was this strange, very powerful, playful, and mysterious object doing? What an incredible show! I have no idea how long it lasted as we were were so caught in the moment. After a few rounds of this, the mysterious object turned off all its lights, stopped spinning end over end, and silently floated off in the same direction it arrived from. We ran back to the apartment to tell my mom. She didn’t believe a word of it, and why would she?

Sadly, that was the only time I saw that great craft, but it forever changed me. Now I knew, at the tender age of 11, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are far greater things at work than humans could imagine or create. It sparked a need to learn, read, investigate and dig deeper into my own psyche than ever before and I desperately needed to share and talk about my encounter. The few times I attempted to relay this experience to my young friends their reaction only served to make my life more lonely and isolated than ever. People thought I was inventing the story to divert my attention from an unhappy home life. Or, they just thought I had a great imagination, or worse – they would laugh at me. I needed more than ever to be taken seriously, but that was not going to happen. I learned to keep my secret world to myself, to only talk surface talk with people (which made me crazy), and avoid them for the most part. Until I had kids, then I had fresh new souls I could freely share my secrets, thoughts and belief in all things mystical and magical. They gave me fresh hope for the human species, and for my own inner child.

It is only in recent years that the topic of off-world, inner world, inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional life forms has come out of the “space closet”, as my friend Mary Rodwell terms it. She is one of Australia’s leading investigators into all things that fall into the UFO/“experiencer” realm, and has a solid background as a R.N., family counselor and author. Her work with experiencers and unyielding courage to bring this topic into the public domain, along with many other brave and brilliant souls who’ve faced public humiliation for sharing their stories, gives me the courage to speak my truth and share.

Sighting that craft was the ultimate experience, but it seemed to open doors to other high strangeness that would continue to this day. It also opened my mind to other topics of interest I might not have otherwise looked into, such as learning to see and communicate with plant spirits, animals, and the consciousness of planet Earth.

As a small example, I was sitting in the living room today practicing deep breathing, feeling grounded, letting go of the rambling thoughts, when I happened to glance between the blinds at the Japanese maple out back. A little face embedded in the many leaves was looking back at me. I’m sure a psychologist would analyze and reason that vision away, but whatever. I knew it was valid because it made my heart jump a little. I said in my mind, “Hold on! I wanna draw you, don’t go away,” and promptly got up to find my iPad. When I sat back down I couldn’t see it anymore which was disappointing. I returned to deep breathing, feeling grounded, letting go, then softly gazed out the window again. It was back! Doing my best to stay relaxed and focused I was able to sketch it out.

Plant Spirit of Japanese Maple, ©Regina Chante

It is said that, due to the nature of our societal conditioning, we are programmed to be dialed into one reality, this physical 3D. But there are many more realities co-existing within ours to be heard, seen and experienced, and yet one must be willing to change the channel. How is that done? A good place to start is through relaxed, deep breathing, letting go of the monkey chatter, and allowing that soft, innocent, inquisitive, child-like nature to surface once again. It takes repetition and practice, but wow! The rewards are far-reaching. Not only is deep, relaxed breathing good for helping the nervous system to unwind and the body to heal, but over time has the potential to open one’s world up to other realities, possibilities and relationships that would otherwise be impossible to access.

In these daunting, unpredictable times that show no sign of letting up, we owe it to ourselves to break away from the social media banter and come back to our center, our hearts, our sanity. No one will do it for us, and yet our very survival as a species may demand nothing less. Our evolution requires our willingness to be more than we’ve ever imagined possible. We have the inherent birthright to maximize our true potential, to individually experience what it’s like to be a fully realized human being. We are precious, rare, powerful, and Divine, regardless of what society’s memes and negative conditioning would have us believe.

Now is the time, like never before to take back the reins and own our destiny. The Earth is moving ahead with or without us, for this planet too has the inherent right to evolve. If we tap into the soul of this heavenly body who generously provides us the food, air, water, fire and breathtaking beauty we need to live in the physical, and we acknowledge and honor the All Powerful Source that lives in our every heartbeat, we will truly be unstoppable – in a good way.




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Much love and appreciation!

4 thoughts on “Our Human Potential

  1. Great article read Our Human Potential and on your many amazing experiences and what you have learned and gained from them💖 That’s why I call you a Soul Sister to me☺️I, too have been meditating a lot since this stay at home issue. I have been also listening and viewing meditation videos as well as from the Calm app.like every single day! Tiara enjoys the whale 🐳 sounds I love your artwork! Especially the plant spirit. Funny for quite some time now I seem to see be seeing like smiling faces on my Foods believe it or not lol! But I am so blessed to have a beautiful friend who has so much love and appreciation wisdom and care for everything in our beautiful planet earth and not to mention your honesty and your wonderful talents💖Indeedy it is totally our own Human Potential we must take reign and own our destiny 💖👍🌎✨☀️🌕

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  2. Very relevant for all of us. I’m so glad that we met all those years ago. You have been educating this old lady with your kind way of sharing your personal experiences. I have had a few experiences myself but learned the most through children, including my own. Thank you teacher!

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