You Are the Medicine, You Are the Cure – A Healing Meditation (music/video included)

As tensions rise out of frustration at being immobilized at our home fronts what better time to go within and re-member ourselves?

Please put a nice pair of earbuds or headphones on, kick back, and let this little message of love remind you of your essence, your power, and brightness of being.

Here is the link:

©Serenna, @rennadraws

Words to the meditation are posted under the video and here:

Feel the heartbeat of the Earth, drop deep into her core
Feel the heartbeat of the cosmos, rise high into the stars
Unite heaven and earth in your heart, and breathe….
Feel the rhythm of life that birthed you.

Sit in your center, in the eye of the storm
Call in your lost soul parts, from space and time
where trauma, grief and despair left you broken
Embrace the innocence within.

Observe your being, your vulnerable soft self
Floating in the currents, in the oceans of life
Let go, and trust, for now is all you have
The present, the gift, the eternal w/o end

So shines the sun on all life w/o preference
Life giving water quenches w/o judgment
Air gives oxygen to all who would receive it
The earth stays strong beneath your feet

You are of the elements, you are of the stars
You are the photons of light
You are the songs of the spheres
You are the magic, the spark of Love who seeks to know itself through your eyes, through your life.

New worlds are birthing, including the Earth
and paradigms of old crumble away
The future selves who’ve graduated this class
Are returning to support you at this time.

These are the final exams of the hologram
As you change so changes the world around you.
The tongue speaks from the heart
The state of one’s soul is in their words and deeds.

Alchemy is your power when you integrate opposing forces
Humility is a blessing and an ally
Be the thirst quenching elixir for souls in need
Bring forth your gifts, be generous with smiles and compassion.

You are the medicine, you are the cure
Everything you need you have.
As above, so below,
As within, so without

Float on, as the soft creatures who trust the journey
In letting go there is peace and mobility.
The currents will flow and we ride together
We are One, we are many, WE ARE HERE.

Much gratitude to Serenna for the original, inspirational artwork she lovingly shared for this video. Here is her message:
Thank you for viewing my art!
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2 thoughts on “You Are the Medicine, You Are the Cure – A Healing Meditation (music/video included)

  1. I, we, are SO blessed to have a beautiful unique one of a kind special creative talented and gifted friends who follows the protocols of the humble heart of loving healing kindness 💖Thank you SO much Regina and Serenna for this beautiful healing cleanse ✨ In viewing Serenna’s magnificent artwork! This particular art she created totally gave me this unexplainable WOW vibration throughout my whole body!!! Your beautiful words and especially the music makes this my ultimate favorite for I love beautiful soundhealing music and art and yes! We are One We are Many WE ARE HERE! Thank you for that beautiful reminder Regina 💖 We all need to be reminded of that and that we are all in this planet together 🌎💖🎶✨☀️🤗

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