Oracle Reading: The State of Things

Tonight I received my first request for a free oracle reading. This person had a general inquiry into the state of the world so thought I would share. Perhaps this reading speaks to you as well.

Question: With everything in turmoil, and change the only constant – how can we rearrange the state of things to be better than they were before, and continue to be better?

Oracle Reading 03/15/20, Regina Chante

It’s easy to love when everything’s going peacefully but the challenge is to love fierce and true when all is in chaos. Bird feathers come from our winged family in the sky who fly high above. They can see the big picture. To lighten your heart see everyone you meet, in person and through interface technology, from your heart. Send them the love you wish to feel within yourself. As a ceremony you could hold a Prayer Feather between your palms, infusing it with the heartfelt memories, love, and healing wishes for all, then hang it by a string from a tree. As the winds blow imagine your feather’s wishes and prayers riding the winds around the globe.

This is an excellent time to meditate, turn within, journal your dreams, connect with your ancestors’ spirits. They, too, survived and ultimately thrived in times of great turmoil, loss, and chaos. They have wisdom to share if you will listen. The north symbolizes the darkest time of the night and year, the dark night of the soul, if you will. You are a Spirit Keeper of the North, holding the healing space for others who perhaps are looking for your strength. For ceremony you may wish to stand outdoors, facing north. Allow yourself to be in the depths of the womb of night. Your ancestors are nearby. Are you listening?

Plant spirits are strong and wish to communicate with us, especially now, knowing we need the vitality, endurance and strength they possess through all the hardships they endure. Mighty Oak says, “Stand in your strength, relax and recharge so you can endure the journey. Storms make your roots grow deeper.” Scleranthus advises you to “Leave fickle, indecisiveness aside and do what is needed to maintain balance and stability”. Cherry Plum advises us to “Avoid being irrational stand with composure. Breathe deep”. All Heal reminds us that “Being in a constant state of stress takes a toll on the body, making it more vulnerable. The focus now must be on maintaining one’s health, allowing time for recovery on all levels, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually”. Call on the plant spirits when you need medicine. Notice what you’re drawn to. Give them your gratitude.

Unconditional Love pretty much speaks for itself, for only Love of the highest order gives us the desire, passion and power to heal, transform and overcome. Love is also common sense. It is not found in fear and shielding one’s heart from creation. Step away from victimhood and judgment. See others as you wish them to see you. Love transmutes fear, and is the most powerful medicine humans have at all times. The choice is ours. Love > fear.


Oracle readings are now free, this week only March 15 through the 22nd. If you have a question you would like answered please send it to:
I will have a response to you within the day. Warmest wishes!

5 thoughts on “Oracle Reading: The State of Things

  1. I absolutely LOVE the reading you did for me. It is exactly what I needed to hear and guide me to make some changes. You are amazing and I love you❣️

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  2. I have been mesmerized by this great gift you have given to me! So many things I knew about myself but had no idea of how to use them to my advantage. Some of the more emotionally draining aspects of my personal life were just draining the life out of me but I had no clue of how to draw positivity from them. So, now I have a partial plan of where I need to go to heal myself and, most importantly, how! I have printed up my Oracle reading that you have thoroughly created for me, so that I will be able to read whenever I want. Drum beats are in my very near future as is deep breathing meditation for my soul. I really want you to know what a great gift this reading is for me. This isn’t just a guide to understand my true self and how to fix the cracks of my life, it is true medicine that allows me to heal myself! Thank you so much! I love you!

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    1. ❤️🙏😊 Norma! You are so welcome. Doing a two-part reading was a first for me, but the depth of your personal question required it. I, too, learn so much about how Spirit works its Live into our lives when I do these readings. 🌸


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