Imaginal Cells, Time to Wake Up!

It has taken me a little while to gather the energy and focus to write again. Like so many people I have been processing the loss of my job (temporarily), my in-person social networking with co-workers and patients, and the peace of mind that providing massage and bodywork gives me and the recipients. My line of work is a kind of meditation because in order to provide for others I have to be in a good space myself, a clear vessel of healing love and energy. But that disappeared almost overnight and the shock wave left me reeling more than I expected.

Combining the virus scare with my own personal health issue of seasonal allergies took the wind out of me. I have wanted to be supportive of others but realized my body must have first priority for a few days. I have stayed relatively quiet, turned within, and connected with Nature, even if only through a window to limit pollen intrusion. During that time I have been reminiscing about the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton. He is a very enthusiastic scientist of stem cell biology, author of two powerful books, The Biology of Belief, and Spontaneous Evolution, Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here, and creator of many wonderful YouTube videos. I have linked him below for your entertainment.

His discussion on the evolution of a caterpillar to a butterfly just seems so fitting in our current situation. For some time we have collectively felt that something big was coming down the pipe. Hollywood has taken clear advantage of the public’s precognition as has the media and politicians. They’ve all played their roles so perfectly you almost can’t tell anymore what’s real and what’s hyped misinformation and false flag operations.

I heard recently that when the world gets too polarized with us vs. them mentality a cosmic 2×4 smacks the species across the head, as if to say get it right or face extinction. It’s very obvious what we’ve been doing wrong from the way we filthy up the planet’s ecosystem, to mistreating animals, and creating divisions between ourselves and people who are different from us. So, the question is: How do we get it right? What does it take for us to spiritually evolve for real? Here’s where Dr. Lipton’s work is so relevant!

He shares the story of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Caterpillar is happy to munch away all day, gorging non-stop on every plant leaf it can find till an unavoidable urge to fall into a deep sleep / transition takes over. It disappears into a hardened skin, and if you were to open the chrysalis in the stage between its being a caterpillar and butterfly all you would find is undifferentiated goo. That’s kind of where we are right now. We have gorged upon the Earth’s resources, become overly full of ourselves and disconnected from our planet. This virus scare has successfully put us all into hibernation, into lock down, and for the most part separated us from the lives we once knew. We may feel completely lost, scared and apocalyptic as our old identities get put on hold. We may try to maintain old ways of thinking and doing but circumstances hold us back and this can be a very confusing, frustrating and even painful process for some, while for others it may the very rest and relaxation they’ve needed for so long but wouldn’t give to themselves.

The goo stage is not here, not there, not the old version of us and not the new, because who and what we are becoming has yet to be seen. But here’s the catch: Something inside knows exactly what we are becoming, what our true human potential is, and it’s been hiding inside our DNA the whole time. In the caterpillar these anomalies are scientifically termed imaginal cells. No, seriously. They didn’t know what else to call them, I guess. They arise here and there in the goo, very limited in numbers at first, from the genome of the caterpillar.

Imaginal Cell

They’re different, unrecognizable, and according to the immune system that still lives in the caterpillar goo these imaginal cells are a threat! Just like the folks who get attacked in society because they bring new, compassionate ways of thinking and acting, who speak of exposing our deepest, most heinous secrets, and attempt to open our minds and hearts to a bigger version of us.

The imaginal cells are “…. regarded as threats and are attacked by the caterpillar’s immune system. But they persist, multiply, and connect with each other. The Imaginal cells form clusters and clumps, begin resonating at the same frequency and passing information back and forth until they hit a tipping point.” (The story of Imaginal Cells/Imaginal Labs).

Where do these imaginal cells come from? Where do you come from? It’s a spark of something beyond the scope of human understanding. Perhaps the human heart, if we listened long enough, would fill us in because the heart forms in the embryo BEFORE the brain. The heart is the master connection to All That Is, to all of Creation, to Source, the Divine, whatever you wish to call it. The imaginal cells are one with that magical spark too. They persist, against all odds, against all suppression and threat of death. They are a different frequency from the prior caterpillar cells, they bond, communicate, and entrain the old body into something that flies! The caterpillar could never have imagined that it would one day be airborne!

This blog is to ask all you imaginal cells to join together with those whom you resonate. Fear is to be expected but you are not alone, you were never alone, and if you’re ever in doubt simply turn to Nature as your guide. There is where the elemental forces dance in their balanced, rhythmic turn, and where everything has managed to stay afloat for millions of years untold. It never needed us to manage it or genetically modify its Divine codes. It has been perfect all along, just like you. Breathe deep often and know that this too shall pass, you are here to witness and midwife this birth – even through the intense pains, suffering and fatigue. Be the imaginal cells you are.

Video: Bruce Lipton, Ph.D – Imaginal Cells In the Dying Caterpillar

2 thoughts on “Imaginal Cells, Time to Wake Up!

  1. I am totally wide awake after reading your post Regina! 🙂I enjoy this post so very very much!! and love Dr Bruce Lipton!!! Sending healing vibes on allergies . So true what you said that this situation we are all going through will pass. We’re all in this together just like that video you shared about the guy that said we gotta clear the mind and All for one and one for all ☺️ I love your beautiful artwork of the caterpillar and butterfly. You are truly talented in art and I LOVE the colors too especially the violet purplish colors 💜

    I recall just now that awhile back, we were living with you at the time, we had chit chatted about Dr Lipton’s video I think Nathan was with us too. Then one day I was at New Renaissance bookstore I saw a card that read …Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over.. it became a beautiful butterfly. I bought it and hung it in my desk at work.

    I may call in to work tomorrow. I notice this weekend off and on I was feeling sinus headachy feels like allergies. Plus I just want to stay home and work on crocheting I finished making a teddy bear for Mark this evening and started on making Michael one too and Tiara shown me an amurigumi of a whale and I want to make it because it’s small and would only take me like an hour or two to finish it. Lol.

    Well wishes and good health to you all!!💖🌸🧚‍♂️

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