In the ‘tween Spaces

Sylph Dragon, by Regina Chante

Sylphy dragons flew close to the house last night,
roaring the wind against our windows. I awoke from deep sleep.

Startled, I worried if branches from trees would break. Old PTSD
patterns from winters ago. The roaring was relentless. I worried if
outdoor furniture was flying.

Wooshing, groaning,.. the wind sounding of massive wings
beating around the rooftop. Powerful, surreal, and urgent.
It was then I shifted out of fear.

Speaking with earnest love, words of consolation, I acknowledged
the great spirits of the wind. They had my attention, I offered peace.
Then, all became exceedingly quiet.

Moments later a gentle breeze wafted in between the wood blinds,
swirled about my hair, caressed my face with the tenderness
of a child.

On this ‘tween space day, ancients call Imbolc,
the halfway mark of winter solstice and spring equinox,
planetary spirits are calling.

When the noise and anxiety of the world presses us down,
when the politics of fear drag us into the gutter,
our mindless circus bleeds into their world, disturbing Spirit’s delicate balance.

High in the atmosphere, in mossy rock crevices,
under sparkling waterfalls, entwined in trees,
gazing at us from mountaintops, they are calling to us.

They miss our hearts, our gentle touch, our songs.
They miss our deep, relaxed breath.
Our souls may be angels, but they know our feet yearn to touch the grass.

We are made of Earth, and stars, and they are our family.
These spirits of Nature who call out to be our allies once again, not our slaves.
Rest easy this wondrous day, in the ‘tween space of seasons.
Smile from your heart to the natural world around. It will smile back.

5 thoughts on “In the ‘tween Spaces

  1. Beautiful Regina! I love it how the calm winds caress your face like that so beautiful and reassuring feeling just reading that it reminded me that one windy day at the old house when I went outside in the front yard with you to enjoy the beautiful windy air I believe we had a blackout too that evening I, too, heard and awoken in the middle of the night of the nature Air spirits it was exactly 3:00am my Tinkerbell and Angel bookmarks and some of my stones and crystals fell off my window sill. It startled me at first upon being awoken but then my heart and mind told me differently I said aloud “Thank you Air Fairies and Angels, Thank you for cleaning our planet and blowing away negative energies to a positive light!” Last night I used sage and also did a ritual of cleaning and ridding old habits using Laurel leaves, bay leaves they call it in culinary terms. I cleaned our apartment too on Imbolc day is my spring cleaning day 🙂I bought fresh new tulips and daffodils for my indoor garden. My harp teacher Christina she gave us an assignment to honor Imbolc and ask us what we do to honor the Air Element so what I had mentioned was what I did for my assignment she gave us music to learn of the The four element, Vivaldi’s Winter. I was so close to attending her Imbolc and St Brigid Meditation and Celebration workshop event today in Vashon Island near Seattle she had invited us that lived nearby she also invited us a few months ago to attend an event in which she played harp to the Hildegard Von Bingen Chants of Earth and the Elements but I had to decline one of my class mate who lives in Canada and also our roommate for our Scotland trip wanted to meet me in Seattle to attend there will be other times. I was just wanted to stay home and work on crochet 🧶 oh and another thing I must share is our hummingbird friend had not come around for a couple of weeks! So this morning when I drew the patio shades Hummingbird was sitting on top of the feeder!!! I was crying for joy! and such a blessing to see hummingbird on this fine Imbolc day💖

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