Suburbian Love Notes

Even out here, in the wild, wild west, in the upscale development of suburbia, on the outskirts of Portlandia’s eclectic, bustling city scene, where there are far too many SUVs and tightly manicured lawns, I’ll occasionally find what I call suburbian love notes. Those would be unexpected little creations from the cultural creatives who show their artistic flare now and then, from stacked odds and ends made of bricks, sticks and random rocks, to poetry hidden behind rain-drop covered display boxes. The latest creation was the little painted pole, which I imagined sometimes dreams of being a giant totem pole. That latter love note was decorated with images of happy flowers, birds, hearts and the tender message, “Do small things with great love.”

This terran (inhabitant of planet Earth) was duly impressed with today’s findings, as was my delightful walking companion, Bodhi. Doesn’t she look happy too?

What creative, little love notes have you left in your neighborhood lately?

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