Creating Structured Water With the Analemma Wand

My Analemma Wand featuring the walnut case.

I purchased an Analemma Water Wand some months ago when I first listened to an interview between its inventor, Dolf Zantinge, and host Tom Cowan, MD. While I do not pretend to fully understand how quantum physics in the 3D realm operates, my bodywork healing practice of 17 years reveals that a great deal happens in the unseen realms which directly affects people’s health, for better and for worse. When the wand arrived I stirred water that was to be applied to plants and pets; I also treated my own drinking water. A friend of mine purchased a wand at the same time and we both observed that animals (including her wild hummingbirds) couldn’t drink enough of the treated water! Bowls were emptied by the end of the day – that never happened before. She also observed the water fountain her wilds birds visited had to be cleaned almost every other day of algae (since it sat in sunlight most days) but, after treating the water with the wand, algae is history – she barely has to clean the fountain. I noticed our pet’s water bowls do not grow algae anymore either, and their drinking water only gets dirty if they accidentally drop food in it. Proof that something very cool is happening since plants, pets, water fountains and bowls do not know about the water wand or its properties.

I love the concept that what we do to the soil biome of the planet directly affects our internal gut biome which is proving to be a major source of all health and disease depending on bacteria balance. In the first link (below) Dolf and Eric go into great detail about the amazing benefits on agriculture production, animal health, human health, reversed aging in people who drank the wanded water on a regular basis, and how their goal is to make this a planet-wide treatment to restore the balance and well-being of the planet’s elements. I can’t think of a more gracious gift for life on this gorgeous, living, conscious Earth. Please take a listen and I hope you give the Analemma wand a try. I do not receive any financial incentives for sharing this information. My reward is peace of heart and mind knowing that we’re on an upward track to healing the damages done to this planet, especially over the last 100+ years. 🌎

Coherent, Structured Analemma Water with Dolf Zantinge and Eric Laarakker

Why cells need “structured water”

Interview Featuring Dolf Zantinge and Tom Cowan, MD

Analemma home site:

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