In the Battle for Your Soul, Choose LOVE

Art by Regina Chante, 12/12/20

Kind of an extreme title to give this blog for most folks, but if you really take a look at the history of our species, and our current status on planet Earth you realize it’s true. There has been a battle, an ancient war, for the heart and soul of each and every living being. If you have a pulse and you’re really paying attention you feel it in your bones, you see it at work in the media and politics, and you witness first hand the tragedy it creates and lives it takes.

Some say that’s just human nature and will compare our species to fleas, or a cancer on this planet. When I was younger I would’ve agreed based on how people treated each other and Nature; it’s easy to become jaded. But having matured, and especially after looking into the wonder of my babies eyes, full of pure innocence, and seeing the trust animals have in the humans who care for them, I know LOVE, a far grander consciousness than could ever be conceived, is embedded in every heartbeat. I also acknowledge there is something else afoot, something ancient and insatiable. It does not want us to discover it, nor does it want us to discover and own our true power, our Divine Nature. Name it what you will, it fosters and feeds on very unhealthy frequencies and weaves itself into the fabric of this reality and into the human story.

Perhaps this unsavory force is a teacher of sorts, challenging and testing us to be something greater than we could’ve imagined. Or perhaps it’s just a hungry ghost whose appetite is never satisfied, engorging itself on emotions, like hate, fear, self-doubt, judgment. Whatever the case may be, you get tired of it, at least I do. When you know in your heart of hearts you did not sign up for a life of endless tragedy, suffering, and belittling you feel pulled on a mission of sorts to throw off the weight of despair, and extend a helping hand to others to do likewise.

Whether anyone’s actually listening to me, reading these blogs, resonating with the energy being offered doesn’t seem to matter. Mission on Earth these days is to keep adding tasty ingredients to the soup of life, hoping it’ll inspire others to rise out of the murk, ponder life a little deeper, and love themselves a little more authentically.

With that said, tonight’s blog provides you a few more loving souls I recently discovered along the way who are extending their own light into the darkness.

Lilou Mace, a lovely french gal who has a plethora of wonderful interviews on her YT channel recently gave Michael Roads an avenue of expression. He’s authored a number of books, including Talking with Nature – Journey Into Nature, Journey Into Oneness and Into a Timeless Realm and speaks to the current times we live in. Grab a cozy drink and take a listen..

Or you might enjoy an interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson who specializes in bio-energetic medicine and emotional psychology. Having nearly escaped death a couple times in his youth and finding recovery through unconventional routes he seemed destined to teach others how to access their innate healing powers.

One of my fave psychic mediums, Kim Russo, gave us her take on the planet’s state of affairs last night. Always uplifting to hear her messages!

And finally, a fellow blogger who also understands the precipice upon which humanity now stands, Koyopa Rising / Eileen Meyer:

Will we fly? Or will we crash and burn? I think Peter Pan had it right: Think happy thoughts. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, do the best you can, and keep a steady diet of uplifting food for the mind and heart.

Happy Solstice dear readers and thank you for your patronage!

Hodgepodge Hedgehog, courtesy of Fairy Magazine

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