Why I Don’t Believe In God or UFOs.

I have a library full of books on Near Death Experiences (NDE), ETs, UFOs, and out-of-body-experiences (OOBE) so you might ask why, particularly since I have “no belief” in such beings and experiences?

Because I KNOW.

Was it the churches I was dragged to as a child while my mother tried to figure out her out spiritual calling that gave me confirmation? Was it well-intended words of support by religious friends, or brochures pawned by door-to-door bible thumpers that brought me to this “knowing“? While I sincerely loved the support of my friends who tenderly spoke of Jesus’ unconditional love, even as my childhood was being shattered by physical abuse, I was not convinced. The knowing came from many experiences – there is no greater teacher. Did I see God? Did I experience heavenly choirs of angels? No.

Five+ decades of life on this little blue planet I’ve acquired a bone-deep-knowing that all I need is right here within me. I didn’t have it while growing up, but it was being poured in like a fine stream of light through different experiences. Almost like my subconscious knew the Truth that I AM, but my conscious mind kept saying, “Prove it!” So, the universe complied. Overcoming odds I shouldn’t have survived or experiencing events that jolted my programmed beliefs about the world have brought me to this place of assurance. A small sampling:

  • While birthing my first child I left my body after endless hours of pain and dehydration. My consciousness slipped away into a very deep, welcoming space of pitch darkness where I floated, pain-free, beyond this 3D world, until I was literally dragged back into my body by the panicked voice of my (then) husband yelling, “Breathe Gina!” I had tasted death and it was very peaceful.
  • Two near-drowning events, but only one I can recall. It was a vivid, frightening event, ending with a brave, teenage male who dove in and pulled me out of the murky lake waters before my last breath.
  • Numerous car accidents in my 20’s, and physical blows to the head and body by very unstable people I’ve interacted with during my first couple decades here.
  • An emergency hospital visit spurred by an unventilated room where a group was smoking cigarettes. Suddenly my throat closed off and I went blue. The nurse who came to my side wore a necklace with a gold, winged being. I knew that image, I had seen it at King Tutankhamen’s exhibit in 1977, one of my favorite images and proof I was in good company.
golden Isis
  • Throughout life I have flown numerous times out of body, without any prior meditation, training, or understanding of what was happening. Later I learned everyone does that! They just don’t remember. Sadly, it seems if you don’t practice dream recall and journaling and allow the brain to get full of worldly worries the recall diminishes swiftly.

Lately I’ve been drawn to watching videos on NDE’s. Not sure why, but today I came across a gentleman who I think really nailed it. He doesn’t believe in God either, and for very similar reasons. Here is his remarkable experience:

Does one live without fear with this “knowing“? Of course not. Fear is real, it’s part of the human body’s wiring, and it still has to be respected and addressed by constantly going within. But, this knowing replaces belief, it prevents handing one’s power over to some outside political figure or thing, and it magnifies one’s BS detector big time. It gives one a sense of “Even if this kills me I’m going to be alright. Everything is as it should be.” That state of peace I wish for everyone.


3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Believe In God or UFOs.

  1. Like you, I have had a few near death experiences – near drowning twice for me too, hit in the head with a baseball bat, nearly suffocated in a smoke filled room with a fan that had broke and had apparently been burning. A few experiences. I guess that I feel not afraid of death but more afraid of any pain it takes to reach that other side or spirit path. I remember being born. Kristel does too. I can say that voices that I communicated on the before I was “born” side with, were not from a being that I saw but more so intuited. I had a sense of understanding the nonverbal communication. So, no, I am not afraid of death. I also do not praise God or anything that I have had no proof of. My pre-existing experience with that unseen and unheard by human eyes or ears communicator was a sense of understanding. I really do remember it, pretty much daily. I recall that I am here on this plane for the last time. I just wonder what comes next.

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