Hugelkultur and Kodama

Kodama standing on the side of a nearby tree enjoying the scenery.

Hello! Today I uploaded a little video for your enjoyment at: where I give a brief description of the “hugelkultur” mounds of recycled forest limbs, leaves, soil, etc. I’ll also introduce you to some of my tree friends, and “forest spirit” companion, Kodama. Apologies in advance for the softer audio while I was outdoors. I am still learning the video making process. 🙂

Did I actually say in the video that I asked the trees to help us find our new house? Oh yes I did, and science will back me on this strange but true fact: trees talk to each other!

From the Permaculture UK group an article describing the benefits of hugelkultur mounds with nice imagery:

A ‘must-have’ book on all things permaculture from Toby Hemenway whose very in-depth Permaculture Design Course provided me ample gardening inspiration:

One of my fave permaculture books from mentor, Toby Hemenway

Kodama posing at a nearby rock cavern

Thank you following my blog. I hope you find it amusing, whimsical, and maybe even a little educational.

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