The New Human

Another fabulous book I highly recommend: The New Human, Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage, by Mary Rodwell; forward by Dr. Leo Sprinkle.

So many wonderful children are coming on board these days that have been designated the “letter kids” as they often are diagnosed with A.D.D., A.D.H.D., Asbergers, Savant Autistic, and many are prone to hyper-sensitivity to environmental stimuli, have multiple allergies, and are rich with gifts that require special cultivation. They are largely misunderstood and often forced into chemical oppression via meds, and boxed/labeled by a society that does not understand their needs and abilities. This book is the ultimate go-to for understanding what their role may be on Earth at this time, their dietary requirements, their genetic differences, and how we as parents, educators, physicians can meet them where they’re at rather than forcing them to conform to a broken system.

Author Mary Rodwell is a former nurse/midwife, counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, author, and Reiki Master. She is Principle of A.C.E.R.N., Co-Founder of Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters (F.R.E.E.).

Our Human Potential

Due to the current CV-19 extravaganza I have been temporarily laid-off since March 19th this year as a licensed massage therapist, which has been very challenging in that my work is my meditation. It is where I go to socialize, provide safe, healing touch to a very broken, pain-ridden world of people who in turn help me keep perspective on life. They share their personal stories of tragedy, suffering, and healing victories which helps me appreciate the human species even more.

To be honest, in my youth into my young adult years, I didn’t have a great fondness for people. I found them hard to trust and didn’t always feel safe in their company. Such is the result of being raised in an often turbulent, abusive household. The flip side of that upbringing is I would find safe harbor in my deep, rich, inner world where art, music, animals and plants were sanctuaries I could rely on. They were safe, they were always there for me, and rarely caused me suffering.

Around 2nd grade I remember a conversation with my mom where I asked who God’s parents were. She laughed and said He didn’t have any. I was in shock! How could this be? Where did He come from then? These kinds of profound thoughts would leave my young mind restless at night as I pondered the stars. Little did I know, the Universe was listening!

Around age 11, while playing outside one summer evening at a nearby park with my younger sister and two grade school friends, my world was turned on its head. Looking up, as I often did (and still do) I saw a black void moving silently across the starry night sky, headed slowly in our direction. We were used to seeing the Goodyear blimp in the summer, with its bulky, oval shape, the basket underneath, engine whirring, and flashing “Goodyear Tires” in white lights along the length of its side. This was no blimp, however. Its silhouette revealed a behemoth, elongated oval shape with no discernible basket. It was dead silent and once it arrived directly overhead began moving in a great circle. It felt very conscious, as if it was quite aware of having our attention. Suddenly, one red light appeared at one end. We were giggly, shaking and in awe, whispering excitedly to each other a million questions about what it could be. No other people were in the area, which also seemed remarkable on a lovely night.


To our utter surprise and delight it flashed a row of lights in a very precise, repeated sequence of colors:, red, yellow, blue. They came on all at once and turned off. We squealed with excitement. It did this same flash on/off of colors a few more times, then went dark, but left the one red “tail” light on. Then, it did a most remarkable move, almost as if to prove beyond a doubt it was NOT a blimp. It slowly turned end over end, while still moving in a circle overhead. We could see the one red light going round and round, like some crazy, slow-motion carnival ride. I felt so overwhelmed with awe I was on the verge of passing out. What could it mean?! What was this strange, very powerful, playful, and mysterious object doing? What an incredible show! I have no idea how long it lasted as we were were so caught in the moment. After a few rounds of this, the mysterious object turned off all its lights, stopped spinning end over end, and silently floated off in the same direction it arrived from. We ran back to the apartment to tell my mom. She didn’t believe a word of it, and why would she?

Sadly, that was the only time I saw that great craft, but it forever changed me. Now I knew, at the tender age of 11, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are far greater things at work than humans could imagine or create. It sparked a need to learn, read, investigate and dig deeper into my own psyche than ever before and I desperately needed to share and talk about my encounter. The few times I attempted to relay this experience to my young friends their reaction only served to make my life more lonely and isolated than ever. People thought I was inventing the story to divert my attention from an unhappy home life. Or, they just thought I had a great imagination, or worse – they would laugh at me. I needed more than ever to be taken seriously, but that was not going to happen. I learned to keep my secret world to myself, to only talk surface talk with people (which made me crazy), and avoid them for the most part. Until I had kids, then I had fresh new souls I could freely share my secrets, thoughts and belief in all things mystical and magical. They gave me fresh hope for the human species, and for my own inner child.

It is only in recent years that the topic of off-world, inner world, inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional life forms has come out of the “space closet”, as my friend Mary Rodwell terms it. She is one of Australia’s leading investigators into all things that fall into the UFO/“experiencer” realm, and has a solid background as a R.N., family counselor and author. Her work with experiencers and unyielding courage to bring this topic into the public domain, along with many other brave and brilliant souls who’ve faced public humiliation for sharing their stories, gives me the courage to speak my truth and share.

Sighting that craft was the ultimate experience, but it seemed to open doors to other high strangeness that would continue to this day. It also opened my mind to other topics of interest I might not have otherwise looked into, such as learning to see and communicate with plant spirits, animals, and the consciousness of planet Earth.

As a small example, I was sitting in the living room today practicing deep breathing, feeling grounded, letting go of the rambling thoughts, when I happened to glance between the blinds at the Japanese maple out back. A little face embedded in the many leaves was looking back at me. I’m sure a psychologist would analyze and reason that vision away, but whatever. I knew it was valid because it made my heart jump a little. I said in my mind, “Hold on! I wanna draw you, don’t go away,” and promptly got up to find my iPad. When I sat back down I couldn’t see it anymore which was disappointing. I returned to deep breathing, feeling grounded, letting go, then softly gazed out the window again. It was back! Doing my best to stay relaxed and focused I was able to sketch it out.

Plant Spirit of Japanese Maple, ©Regina Chante

It is said that, due to the nature of our societal conditioning, we are programmed to be dialed into one reality, this physical 3D. But there are many more realities co-existing within ours to be heard, seen and experienced, and yet one must be willing to change the channel. How is that done? A good place to start is through relaxed, deep breathing, letting go of the monkey chatter, and allowing that soft, innocent, inquisitive, child-like nature to surface once again. It takes repetition and practice, but wow! The rewards are far-reaching. Not only is deep, relaxed breathing good for helping the nervous system to unwind and the body to heal, but over time has the potential to open one’s world up to other realities, possibilities and relationships that would otherwise be impossible to access.

In these daunting, unpredictable times that show no sign of letting up, we owe it to ourselves to break away from the social media banter and come back to our center, our hearts, our sanity. No one will do it for us, and yet our very survival as a species may demand nothing less. Our evolution requires our willingness to be more than we’ve ever imagined possible. We have the inherent birthright to maximize our true potential, to individually experience what it’s like to be a fully realized human being. We are precious, rare, powerful, and Divine, regardless of what society’s memes and negative conditioning would have us believe.

Now is the time, like never before to take back the reins and own our destiny. The Earth is moving ahead with or without us, for this planet too has the inherent right to evolve. If we tap into the soul of this heavenly body who generously provides us the food, air, water, fire and breathtaking beauty we need to live in the physical, and we acknowledge and honor the All Powerful Source that lives in our every heartbeat, we will truly be unstoppable – in a good way.



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Stuffed Sweet Jewels (potato or yam)

To properly title this recipe blog I looked up the difference between yam, sweet potato, Japanese garnet, Jewel sweet potato (or yam), and yea… I ended up more confused than when I began. Call it what you will, but for now they are referred to as “Sweet Jewel Potato”. As you see by the photos, they have a lovely, deep orange color. Lots of carotene for maintaining strong vision!

A complete meal!

This recipe can made with any ingredients according to your diet preference. Certainly there are vegan options available for the yogurt, butter and cheese. Chives are super easy to grow in a container or outdoors, and they add nice flavor. The original recipe was found on Organize Yourself Skinny, but I have modified it to be vegetarian (or vegan).

3 good sized sweet jewel potatoes
2-3 Tbl Earth Balance butter
1/2 cup plain yogurt
4 tsp chives (fresh)
4 Field Roast breakfast links
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 tsp salt, or add to taste after cooked
parchment paper
baking sheet
aluminum foil

  • Preheat oven to 375.
  • Using a fork poke holes along the top of each potato three times. Lay a piece of parchment paper on your cookie sheet and place the potatoes on top. Place them on the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven. Set timer for 1 hour 15 mins.
  • About 40 mins into baking (or when you see the skins getting darker, pull them out. Use an oven mitt to pick each one up and loosely wrap foil around them to prevent skins from over-cooking; return them to oven to finish baking.
  • Crumble the breakfast links into a lightly oiled fry pan and sauteé till slightly crisp.
  • Combine in a bowl: butter, yogurt, chives, salt (opt), breakfast link crumbles, and cheese, set aside.
  • When potatoes are fully cooked, pull them out and let them cool on a heat-safe surface.
  • Slice their tops off with a serrated knife.
  • Scoop out their contents into the bowl of ingredients you made earlier and mix well. As you see in the photo I used a grapefruit spoon for scraping out the contents, but a fork or regular spoon will do.
  • Restuff the tops and bottoms of the jewels.
  • Reduce oven heat to 350.
  • Return them to oven and bake another 30 mins.
  • Remove from oven. EAT AND ENJOY!


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You Are the Medicine, You Are the Cure – A Healing Meditation (music/video included)

As tensions rise out of frustration at being immobilized at our home fronts what better time to go within and re-member ourselves?

Please put a nice pair of earbuds or headphones on, kick back, and let this little message of love remind you of your essence, your power, and brightness of being.

Here is the link:

©Serenna, @rennadraws

Words to the meditation are posted under the video and here:

Feel the heartbeat of the Earth, drop deep into her core
Feel the heartbeat of the cosmos, rise high into the stars
Unite heaven and earth in your heart, and breathe….
Feel the rhythm of life that birthed you.

Sit in your center, in the eye of the storm
Call in your lost soul parts, from space and time
where trauma, grief and despair left you broken
Embrace the innocence within.

Observe your being, your vulnerable soft self
Floating in the currents, in the oceans of life
Let go, and trust, for now is all you have
The present, the gift, the eternal w/o end

So shines the sun on all life w/o preference
Life giving water quenches w/o judgment
Air gives oxygen to all who would receive it
The earth stays strong beneath your feet

You are of the elements, you are of the stars
You are the photons of light
You are the songs of the spheres
You are the magic, the spark of Love who seeks to know itself through your eyes, through your life.

New worlds are birthing, including the Earth
and paradigms of old crumble away
The future selves who’ve graduated this class
Are returning to support you at this time.

These are the final exams of the hologram
As you change so changes the world around you.
The tongue speaks from the heart
The state of one’s soul is in their words and deeds.

Alchemy is your power when you integrate opposing forces
Humility is a blessing and an ally
Be the thirst quenching elixir for souls in need
Bring forth your gifts, be generous with smiles and compassion.

You are the medicine, you are the cure
Everything you need you have.
As above, so below,
As within, so without

Float on, as the soft creatures who trust the journey
In letting go there is peace and mobility.
The currents will flow and we ride together
We are One, we are many, WE ARE HERE.

Much gratitude to Serenna for the original, inspirational artwork she lovingly shared for this video. Here is her message:
Thank you for viewing my art!
You can find more of the work I do on instagram @rennadraws. I am not taking commissions at the moment but they will be opening in the near future. However, I do have a ko-fi if you would like to contribute and support in the meanwhile. Thank you so much!My ko-fi page can be followed here:


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Walk On By: A Revised Rendition, (video/music link included)

Given our current etiquette of “social distancing” (who picked that unfriendly term?) people are staying safely away from each other. But one of the downsides has been how cold the general public has become. We take our little dog out for her daily walk and occasionally see folks walking their dogs on the other side of the street. We always make an effort to make eye contact and smile, yet most people – caught in the grip of fearing the unseen virus – have forgotten this simple, human interaction. Is this the path we’re headed down? Are we destined to become unreachable strangers to our own neighbors? If so, the zombie apocalypse has already taken hold.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write comical or sad lyrics, so the end result (a little combination of both) is what you’ll hear in this rendition of Walk On By. The original pop song, by the lovely Dionne Warwick, was one of my mom’s favorites. I heard it a lot growing up as a kid, and I still have Dionne’s record albums as reminders of those early, childhood years. How strange to think it would become the fuel for a revised version to help me express my feelings in these bizarre, Twilight Zone times.

The photos included in the video are my originals from travels to the Mayan Riviera’s cenotes, coastline, and ancient architecture of Tulum, as well as a few from local parks. They were specifically incorporated to provide you some eye candy and as a reminder that our planet is still alive and well, waiting for us to come play outside once again – when the time is appropriate.

Before you listen to the link, please know the audio was recorded on a budget. No sound engineers in the house today so you get what you get. Kinda raw but just keeping it real. Thanks for taking a listen, and please share your thoughts!

My mini sound studio

Vimeo link below. (original lyrics and photos included)

If you see me walking down the street
Look at your feet, or up to the sky
Walk on by, walk on by

Stay 6 feet away

Wallow in your fear, afraid of all humans
No smiles, or greetings, no T.P.
You should stay inside
Walk on by, walk on by, walk on by

Undercover cops and cameras are watching your moves
and logging your face
Walk on by, walk on by
Don’t stop and say “Hi”

Are you living longer or dying slower?
When half of the world has moved on now
You feel safe inside
The media never lies
Walk on by, walk on by

Walk on by, walk on by
You stay inside

Nature has returned, the skies are bluer
Live in your virtual world
Don’t you go outside
Walk on by

Don’t you smile
Stay six feet away
Don’t go out and play
Walk on by
Walk on by

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SPRING ALLERGIES: The Peacemaker Gone Warrior

This blog’s for all the spring allergy sufferers. Let’s look at some of the energetic, emotional and nutritional issues that leave us feeling like we have to wrap ourselves up like ninjas to deal with the onslaught of spring pollen.

Yours truly, hiding from spring winds and pollen.

For those lucky folks who don’t suffer with pollen allergies, I will say it feels like you’re going to die of an internal war while you drown in your own exhaustion, tears and mucus. Not a pretty picture. Some people may have temporary relief using standard meds, but for others like myself these symptom suppressors create even more fatigue and foggy headedness, or they don’t work at all. This led me some years ago to seek out acupuncture, even though I dreaded the thought of needles.

Internal Heat, painting by Regina Chante

Faithfully each spring I would see my regular Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac) when the symptoms became too much. He would remind me that heat and “wind” (TCM term) were rushing to my head resulting in allergies. He would dutifully remind me that, “You have to let go of deep-seated anger and frustrations.” These suppressed emotions can become stored in the liver, according to eastern medicine. Well, funny thing was, I didn’t feel those emotions (at least not consciously). I just felt defeated by the allergy symptoms.

Here is a helpful Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) link explaining the concept of “wind”:

And so it went. Every late March my head would feel about to explode from headache, sinus pressure, teary/itchy eyes, sneezing, and devastating fatigue. In one of my sessions another insightful acupuncturist commented, “What you eat in the winter plays a significant role in how you feel the following spring.” Wooo…

That ahhhHA! moment

What you eat in one season affects how you fare in the following season. How did no one tell me that sooner? I don’t know who actually said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food,” but that was spot on! Some claim it was a quote from the father of modern western medicine, Hippocrates, but there is no evidence of that. Particularly because, with rare exceptions, allopathic medicine pays little attention to the nutritional needs of the body and aims straight for drugs. This is why I turned to eastern medicine where their healing roots go back thousands of years. They’ve had lots of time and people to practice on to get things right. One of their main tenets of healing is look at the diet.

But here’s the catch: It not just what you eat with your mouth that is your diet. Your body also digests what you’re “chewing on” in your mind! If you’re in a constant state of worry, over-stressed, over-thinking (like most of modern society) you’re weakening your digestive power from too much information and sensory overload!

It is true that, looking back over the last couple decades, my ability to digest well has decreased. It could be related to stress from over-thinking, but nearly everyone I meet is stressed and yet not all of them have spring allergies. Perhaps they have digestive issues but they’re expressed differently and not so much outwardly.

There are additional components to weak digestion that we mustn’t overlook. I’ve heard it said that our nation’s people are literally dying from malnutrition, even though we have abundant food everywhere. How can this be? Some important factors to take into consideration is the nutrient-deficient topsoil in which most commercial (even organic) food is grown; growth hormones & antibiotics injected into farm animals; genetic modification of many foods we eat that contain foreign bacteria, animal DNA and other strange components Nature never intended; and pollution such as heavy metals and chemical sprays that are applied on the plants or have been absorbed through their roots. None of these issues help the body digest and absorb adequate nutrition and may, in fact, be preventing it.

So, what to do?

Most answers come to me intuitively, through listening to messages I pick up via other people, my own research, and how my body feels. While I haven’t fully cleared allergies from my system I have healed a great deal by doing the following:

  • Eat quality food in smaller portions, more frequently, also known as “grazing”. Avoid large meals.
  • Limit or avoid caffeine (this includes caffeinated teas).
  • Limit or avoid intensely sweet snacks (like candy).
  • Limit or avoid greasy, fried foods.
  • Start the day with freshly squeezed lemon water, add up to 20 drops of Trace Minerals per glass, sweeten with Stevia.
  • Have a green drink once a day, blend with apple juice and a banana.
  • Take B vitamin complex each day.
  • DANCE!
  • CATNAP often.
  • Do a little something each day that feels like a sense of accomplishment.

If the digestion system is working properly, the adrenals aren’t tapped out, and the liver is purring the body will not overheat and send a storm into the cranium. In my research I have found that some people need to boost their enzymatic supply which may be low for many reasons. This is where Trace Minerals have proven very helpful.

An informative link on why we need more Trace Minerals in our diet:

Since one would have to eat a boatload of food to achieve maximum nutrition I have turned to powdered greens. It is concentrated food which lessens the need for eating so much bulk. That makes the stomach very happy!

  • Gentle, rhythmic movement is super helpful, including dance, yoga, tai chi, or any other non-stressful exercise.
  • Journaling can be a great way to unload the thoughts of the day so one has a clear mind.
  • Singing, chanting, humming are all great ways to massage the organs through the pumping action of the diaphragm muscle.
  • Receiving regular massage or other form of bodywork where you can feel nurtured and nourished is a must.

Also take into account that many people who are depleted in the digestion system are also the nurturers in their family and workplace, and they’re prone to do all for other people and forget themselves. This is where family and friends can pick up the slack and help out.

These are all just helpful suggestions. They are a place to start but you must find our own way, your own unique remedies, and learn to hear you body’s unique way of communicating to you.


Thank you for reading!

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*Medical Disclaimer:
Information provided in this blog is not intended to replace licensed medical care. I cannot/will not prescribe, diagnose, or “treat” in medical terms. This blog is intended to heighten your awareness of wholistic approaches to healing. You are encouraged to do further research on your own behalf, consult with a qualified Naturopath, MD, or other experienced healthcare practitioner of your choice. Ultimately, you are responsible for the choices you make related to maintaining your health and well-being.

Support Your Local Community

Community includes neighbors, local businesses, online groups, and Nature (but that’s for another blog). In the grander sceme of life they are our extended family. Most of us need each other now more than ever to help keep our heads above the seemingly endless tsunamis of life. While those at the economic apex are making obscene profit from suffering it is the base of the pyramid where the everyday people like us reside. It is the base of the pyramid that holds the foundation and the power. We are the backbone of the human species and our survival requires that we stay strong, united and flexible. When we align in our common needs and talents, in the name of Love, the collective fear drops and immune systems are strengthened. We stand tall, dream together, and manifest a happier, healthier world.

In the spirit of uniting I have reached out to my little community of people and businesses who are offering valuable services, support, art, and education and charging nothing or very little for their outreach. I share them here with you, dear reader, in case you are looking for such people at this time. Hopefully this blog will also inspire you to do likewise. Find the people in your tribe, community, and online connections who are available and willing to offer something to the public at low or no cost. We have the internet and we have our INNERNET. Let’s be there for each other, if not physically than at least virtually, in spirit and from the heart.


Welcome to the world of Cultural Creatives

Michelle’s talents are numerous, from greeting card designer, professional quilter, to now an online instructor of a very affordable and helpful graphic design course she created! Since a lot of people are working from home now after being laid off why not pick up some valuable skillsets you can take into creative projects and possibly future job scenarios?

Michelle’s website:

Michelle’s message:
This course was designed specifically for: the business owner, the administrative assistant, non-profit organizations, even the stay at home mom who’s ratcheting up her side hustle. These lessons are for those that don’t want to or can’t spend the extra cash on a professional designer to produce project after project. I’ll teach you how to create those beautiful marketing pieces yourself. Best of all?… You can use the software you already own, there’s no need to buy anything extra. All of the concepts I teach can be applied across multiple applications.”


Being stuck at home, away from regular gym routine is hard on the body and mind. Brooke has taken this opportunity to develop yoga videos for helping you stay in shape, stretch, reduce stress, improve circulation, and keep you grounded, right from the comfort of your home.

Brooke’s youtube channel:

Conde is the perfect cheerleader for people who are already feeling solid in their spiritual practice but in need of a little boost! She often hosts free video talks on Facebook.

Conde’s message:
My name is Conde Bartlett. I am a channel, author, intuitive, speaker, energetic healer and tapping and essential oil expert. I have the unique ability to see what is possible for people and help them achieve it. As the owner of Cocoon Wellness Center for the last ten years, I have assisted thousands of people all over the world create changes they never dreamed possible; physical healing, happiness, spiritual awareness and financial abundance.”

Conde’s website:

Being home as much as we are these days can be stressful for our pets who are picking up on all our depression, worries and anxiety. In extreme cases, I have read headlines lately of people giving away their pets to shelters because they literally cannot afford to feed them. Such tragedy! If you have recently inherited an abandoned pet, are seeing stress symptoms in your pet, or grieving the loss of one, please do not hesitate to call on the very talented animal communicator Darcy Pariso. As you can see from her Testimonials page I highly recommend her. She provided great insight a few years ago into our sheltie’s health issues and has been very accurate in her readings.

Darcy’s website:

Rosie is a fellow dowser and distance healer. She has many years of providing in-person and online support.

Rosie’s message:
I am called to step up and offer more. If you’ve spent any time with me, you may or may not have realized I am a frequency keeper. I know a lot of these terms are thrown around but there really is no other way to explain it. With intention I can hold a very high frequency of Love and fill spaces and clear them. I do it in homes, work places, gatherings and can do it remotely. We all can, really, but usually for short spirts and if we’re around people we like. It’s that spark and energy exchange that happens when you fall in love. Well, I love everything. Truly. That’s my gift. So, with these higher frequencies of love, it cracks open our heart space, our gateway to the soul. That’s when healing occurs. Not by me, I am only here to help raise and support your energy, listen to your souls message and hold you on your healing journey.”

Rosie’s website:

Michelle V. is a very talented digital artist. She has quite the repertoire on her instagram page and is happy to offer her artistic talents.

Michelle V’s message:
Hello! My name’s Michelle and I have a passion for creating illustrative work and filling people’s lives with a little more color through my art. For about $20 I can make your next icon of yourself, pets or bring your character to life! If interested, reach me at or look at more of my work at . Hope everyone is doing great and staying safe!


While New Renaissance Bookstore is temporarily closed they are reaching out to the public with ongoing, free or low-cost webinars. Everything from meditation, natural health education, angelic messages, kirtan chanting, and more.

Their mission :
Through New Renaissance we consciously attune ourselves to the Divine and manifest that vision as channels of God’s Light. We nurture the spiritual awakening of truth seekers of all paths by attuning to the highest needs of our customers and ourselves, creating an uplifting environment of unconditional love and acceptance, offering spiritual teachings from East and West and providing healing products and services. Our business serves as an example reflecting the values of balance, good health and abundance to promote a holistic, spiritual and joyous lifestyle

Their website:

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“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him… We need not wait to see what others do.”

— Gandhi

Six Healing Sounds

A Simple, Fun Way to Balance the Energetic Organs with Qigong

About one-third of the world is in some form of lock-down / home-stay, whatever term we wish to use, so what better time to practice some very simple qigong (chee-gong) techniques!

Qigong is an ancient, effective way to reduce stress, deepen the breath, and balance the subtle energy fields that are inherently linked to the health of our physical body.

In traditional eastern medicine there are six healing sounds and colors, as well as correlating tastes and seasons that relate to the body, energetically and physically. When one or more of those systems begins to falter it eventually brings the other systems out of balance. The quickest way to restore balance is through deep breathing, stretching, intention, and activating the senses through sound.

Each energetic organ system correlates to different human emotions. If stress is not processed at the time of challenging events it can be retained as unprocessed energy that builds up in the energetic organ systems. Eventually, noticeable and often unwelcomed changes in one’s mood and physical functions becomes more apparent. This may ultimately lead to some form dis-ease but is preventable if kept in check through regular, energetic organ cleansing.

I have been practicing various forms of qigong for many years, from the more involved Soaring Crane Medical Qigong to simpler forms like the one shared below. Often times I have found that the simplest forms are the best for keeping the body/mind healthy, especially if one is in a time crunch or has low energy to begin with.

Perform each routine 3, 6 or 9 times a day, preferably sitting upright. However, if you have any range of motion issues you may adjust the actions according to your needs. If you are bed-ridden you may even do this routine entirely in your mind. Presence and intention are what matters. Say each sound softly like a whisper, and picture its appropriate color bathing the related organ system while going through the motions. On the inhale, between each sound, smile gently at each of the organs as you do so.


visualize the color: WHITE
healing move: palms facing up, push up to the sky and say, SSSS
organs affected: LUNG, LARGE INTESTINE, nose, wind pipes, diaphragm muscle, skin.
related taste: spicy
element: metal
Imbalanced: sadness, grief, cough, shortness of breath, easily sick, anxiety, posterior headache, sore throat, lack of sensuality, overly critical, skin sensitivities/ rashes, depression, fatigue, asthma, bowel movement issues, struggles with “letting go”.
Balanced: Organized, meticulous, inner strength, likes rules/structure, self-disciplined, conscientious.


visualize the color: BLUE / BLACK
healing move: clasp fingers around knees to anchor, gently arch back, away from knees and say: WOOO (sound like soft wind)
organs affected: KIDNEYS, URINARY BLADDER, ears, reproductive organs, bone marrow, bones, teeth, brain.
related taste: salty
element: water
Imbalanced: contracted, easily cold, dark circles under eyes, bladder issues, cold extremities, hot flashes, night sweats, dry mucus membrane, hearing issues, tinnitus, anxious, fearful, phobic.
Balanced: fearless, perserverance, determination, longevity.


visualize the color: GREEN
healing move: palms face up, lean and stretch torso to the left, gently lift right shoulder, look up and say: SHHHH (like you’re hushing someone)
organs affected: LIVER, GALLBLADDER, eyes, optic nerves, brain, spine, nervous system, quality of blood.
related taste: sour
element: wood
Imbalanced: frustration, angry, mental depression, irritability, moody, frequent sighing, feeling gloom-n-doom, dizziness, stressful dreams, teeth grinding, poor vision, tinnitus, itchy eyes, rib tenderness.
Balanced: Goal-oriented, visionary, easily manifests, strategic, assertive at achieving.


visualize the color: RED
healing move: palms face up, lean and stretch torso to the right, look up and say: HAAA
organs affected: HEART, SMALL INTESTINE, PERICARDIUM, blood cells, blood in general.
related taste: bitter
element: fire
Imbalanced: heart palpitations, suppressed immune system, nightmares, excess heat, darkish purple to sickly pale complexion, poor long-term memory, psychological imbalance, nervous laughter.
Balanced: charismatic, social, passionate, intuitive, creative.


visualize the color: GOLDEN YELLOW
healing move: fingers of both hands beneath sternum, just to the left, look up and say HOOO
organs affected: STOMACH, SPLEEN, mouth, taste, muscles, lymphatic system.
related taste: sweet
element: earth
Imbalanced: diarrhea, fatigue, sinus congestion, crave sweets, menstrual problems, fuzzy thinking, over-worrying, easy weight gain, gas/bloating, food allergies.
Balanced: Mediator, nurturer, compassionate, grounded.


visualize the color: VIOLET
healing move: Lie on your back or safely lean back, inhale deeply, exhale as you imagine a large roller pressing out your breath you hands move from your cranium to your hips, say HEEE
organs affected: ALL GLANDS, METABOLISM, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, gonads
related taste: mild or bitter
element: fire
Imbalanced: chronic stress, fight or flight mode, reactive instead of responsive, weakened immunity, chronic digestive complaints.
Balanced: feeling overall balanced, healing, brings hot energy down to lower centers and cooling energy to higher centers, promotes relaxed sleep.

If you prefer a video version of this qigong demonstration please see Taoist Master, Mantak Chia’s video presentation link below. It has a lengthy intro so you may wish to fast forward to one minute into the video:


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My Saxophone Rebirth

Funny the article linked below came up on my newsfeed just now. I have to admit that, as a saxophonist, feelings of “meh” were washing over me in the last years of performing with large dance bands. The *blues* overcame me from playing too much of other peoples’ pop tunes just b/c it got me a paycheck and made the audience dance. I was already getting bored with myself and tried to understand this mysterious anguish. Maybe I needed to try a more challenging genre? But the thought of hashing out the usual jazz standards was not my cup o’tea. Partly b/c jazz was never my strength, mostly b/c plenty of talented musicians out there already do an amazing job at playing straight ahead jazz. I even toyed with a solo project for awhile:

My Alto Sax

Shortly after getting the solo project up and running with the fine talents of Ronn Chick (, Oscar-nominated Nashville music producer, engineer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, creating most of my back-up tracks, the local pubs couldn’t afford the fees that ASCAP, BMI and others were suddenly charging them for allowing cover tunes to be played, and I had no original tunes to offer. Plus, being a stickler for perfect audio I was setting up/tearing down my own PA gear at every gig which, frankly, was flat-out exhausting.

Much as the story goes, I couldn’t quite figure out where my horns fit into all the new electronic genre that was pouring out. I didn’t even know who I was as a horn player. Years and years of playing and singing cover tunes helped me keep my chops up but my soul yearned to be something new, something I hadn’t birthed yet.

Chillin’ In My Crib With My Horn.

The last couple years have been hell on wheels, purging, packing and ultimately moving house. Finally I have a practice space to call my own, and the lengthy vacation from the horns gave me time to become a blogger, which you are reading now. This has afforded me time to keep expressing myself while having time to re-evaluate my relationship with my heavy metal girls.

No, I haven’t given up music, or the saxophone. But I DO need to meditate with them awhile and let the spirit of the 🎷 have a ❤️ to ❤️ with my muse. We got lotsa time right now with this virus circus going on to ponder our path forward from here. It is my hope that the spirit of music and the 🎷 will join together and blossom a new version of me, as a musician and as a force to be reckoned with. That kind of rebirthing energy takes time, diligence, and soul connection. With that said, stay-tuned! I’m polishing my metal. 😏

Herbal Health: The Magic of Lemon Balm for Dry Cough

What inspired me to write this little blog is the fact that a friend has experienced noticeable relief from chronic, dry cough for more than several hours after drinking warm, Lemon Balm herbal tea. This was the first cough relief she’s had since January this year. All remedies prior, from cough syrups, lozenges, anti-cough teas, increased water consumption, to acupuncture gave little more than temporary relief, if any.

Lemon Balm (melissa officianalis)

Being stuck indoors in the winter, breathing stagnant, recycled, overly-dry air takes its toll on our lungs. Dried out tissues become more vulnerable and make the perfect breeding ground for pathogens. The body sensing the presence of pathogens then creates more mucus to entrap them, but since the body has become too dried out and weak the mucus adheres to the lungs obstructing deep breathing. The body will try to clear the thickened mucus with constant coughing but to no avail. The key is to keep the interior of the body warm and moist with proper blood and lymph circulation. To do this requires fresh air, movement, adequate sleep and proper nutrition which are sometimes hard to come by in our busy, stress-filled lives.

Lemon Balm tea

Lemon balm tea is easy enough to purchase, and the lemon balm plant is SUPER easy to grow. In fact, like all members of the mint family, it will literally take over your garden if you don’t contain it. Pictured above is lemon balm I brought over from my last house, and it’s taking off like a rocket in this five gallon container! It makes an ideal plant for gardeners who live in apartments and have access to a sunny window, balcony or rooftop container garden.

Herbal remedies have been successfully utilized for millennia because, having evolved alongside the human species, they resonate with the needs of the human body. Lemon Balm is one such example, for it has shown to:

  • relieve hypertension / anxiety
  • boost immunity
  • break fevers
  • reduce herpes virus
  • soothe digestion
  • reduce bloating / flatulence
  • reduce nausea
  • reduce headache
  • relieve insect bites

I hope you found this information useful and will pass it on to others who may benefit. As with any herbal remedy, please check with your primary care physician if you are already taking medication, pregnant/breastfeeding, or preparing for surgery.


*Health Disclaimer:
Herbal information provided here is not intended to replace licensed medical care. I cannot/will not prescribe, diagnose, or “treat” in medical terms. This blog is intended to heighten your awareness of the natural world of healing with plants. You are encouraged to do further research on your own behalf, consult with a qualified Naturopath or other experienced healthcare practitioner of your choice. Ultimately, you are responsible for the choices you make related to maintaining your health and well-being.