Oracle Card Reading – Free Gift

For this week (March 15 – 22) I am offering free, personalized, mini-oracle card readings for anyone interested. My gift to you. Is there a query you have that needs extra understanding or insights. The reading is visually pleasing and each card’s meaning is broken out for you to ponder. If interested please email me with one question at:
Much love and good health to you and yours!

The Plant Spirit Oracle, Book and Deck

The Plant Spirit Book and Oracle Deck

Dana O’Driscoll has gone above and beyond in her creation of The Plant Spirit Oracle Book and Oracle Deck. The oracle card stock is heavy, durable, very easy to handle, and her artwork is mesmerizing. The companion book is replete with divinations, recipes, herbal uses, and deeper insights into each plant. Additionally, she has included wisdom gained from many years working intimately with the plant spirit realm in how to journey with plants, grow, harvest, and prepare oils and tinctures. Her Druid practice has clearly been a valuable aid in producing these wondrous and timely resources for those who wish to deepen their relationship with the plant spirit realm. ❤️🌿

Trees Please!

When I was fresh out of high school and too poor to attend college for more than a couple semesters I moved to Los Angeles to be with family. That was where I met the TreePeople group, an educated, compassionate group of individuals, led by visionary Andy Lipkis, on a mission to plant 1 million trees in the L.A. region by the arrival of the 1984 Olympics. They were at the precipice of meeting their goal when I arrived, and I had the delight of helping them add more fruit trees in the barren landscape of downtown L.A. A couple weeks after installing the new baby trees we received sad news that homeless folks, not knowing any better, had pulled out at least half of them for firewood. They did not realize that had they left the trees in place they would’ve bore free fruit for them to eat.

Here we are, 36 years later, and I’m delighted to see TreePeople is still going strong, as is the awareness of the healing power of trees, even as they are being mercilessly destroyed to make way for controversial technology such as 5G, or laid to waste for poorly thought out, over-priced construction projects. We certainly live in bipolar times! 😀

The “Druids Garden” wordpress author, Dana, whose stunning artwork, blogs and druidic wisdom has captured my attention and respect has also been sharing the deep, ancient teachings of caring for trees, the landscape, floral, fauna, and maintaining ancestral ways. She was a great support for me at a time when we lost nine cedar trees overnight in what felt like an apocalyptic winter storm. “Witness the loss, and then honor the space they once held,” she said, which I did. It was heartbreaking and I cried as I watched them lifted out by crane, cut into pieces, never to be seen again after so many years of them standing like great, protective giants around our landscape. For perhaps the first time I realized and felt how vulnerable we are, our planet is, and my heart went out to all who’ve lost their homes to natural or man-made catastrophe. To honor the space they once held, and bring blessings to the new landscape I hung colorful prayer flags I purchased from a kindly Tibetan friend. My intention being that the loving words and images from the flag material would be carried by the wind and washed by rain into the soils, easing the trauma to the land and all of us who had PTSD from the event.

One winter storm 2017

The new landscape 2017

Of course, anyone dialed in to trees doesn’t need scientific evidence to know how much better they feel in the presence of these great woody beings. But interestingly enough there is science to support their healing benefits.

So, today’s little blog is to remind us that it’s ok to hug a tree, in fact it’s very healthy and welcomed. If you can’t bring yourself to hug one, then just slow down, breathe deep, and touch one in your mind and thank them for their gracious, life-giving presence. They will thank you in return.

Our backyard friend 2020

In the ‘tween Spaces

Sylph Dragon, by Regina Chante

Sylphy dragons flew close to the house last night,
roaring the wind against our windows. I awoke from deep sleep.

Startled, I worried if branches from trees would break. Old PTSD
patterns from winters ago. The roaring was relentless. I worried if
outdoor furniture was flying.

Wooshing, groaning,.. the wind sounding of massive wings
beating around the rooftop. Powerful, surreal, and urgent.
It was then I shifted out of fear.

Speaking with earnest love, words of consolation, I acknowledged
the great spirits of the wind. They had my attention, I offered peace.
Then, all became exceedingly quiet.

Moments later a gentle breeze wafted in between the wood blinds,
swirled about my hair, caressed my face with the tenderness
of a child.

On this ‘tween space day, ancients call Imbolc,
the halfway mark of winter solstice and spring equinox,
planetary spirits are calling.

When the noise and anxiety of the world presses us down,
when the politics of fear drag us into the gutter,
our mindless circus bleeds into their world, disturbing Spirit’s delicate balance.

High in the atmosphere, in mossy rock crevices,
under sparkling waterfalls, entwined in trees,
gazing at us from mountaintops, they are calling to us.

They miss our hearts, our gentle touch, our songs.
They miss our deep, relaxed breath.
Our souls may be angels, but they know our feet yearn to touch the grass.

We are made of Earth, and stars, and they are our family.
These spirits of Nature who call out to be our allies once again, not our slaves.
Rest easy this wondrous day, in the ‘tween space of seasons.
Smile from your heart to the natural world around. It will smile back.

Vegetarian Bird Cakes for Overwintering Feathered Friends

After spotting the wretched little piece of left-over tallow cake dangling off the Japanese Maple branch (a bird treat left by previous home-owners), and seeing nothing but tallow (beef fat) cakes at the market I was inspired to make my own.

Thanks to some lovely vegan recipes online I managed to create a bird cake for the variety of finches, black capped chickadees, blue jays, warblers, and such that visit our area. They have been an absolute delight to watch whizzing around the branches and drinking from the waterfall, but I worry for their well-being amidst the onslaught of pesticides and other pollutants in the environment. At the very least I could support their nourishment through winter’s dark and cold with a healthy, tasty treat, and thankfully the cake was surprisingly easy to make!

In case you’re wondering why use coconut oil over tallow, here’s a handy graph explaining the nutritional (not to mention compassionate) benefits of coconut over other options:

fat ratios, courtesy of

If you’d like to give it a try you’ll need to collect the following organic (if possible) items:
4 Tbl. coconut oil
2 tsp. peanut butter
2 tsp. sugar
4 Tbl. bird seed w/nuts, berries, dried fruit (or create your own)
4 tsp. cornmeal or polenta
2 tsp. quick-cook oatmeal
2 tsp. flour


You’ll also want to have a small, square pan or other mold to pour the mixture in, and a square cage in which to place the frozen, finished creation (available where bird feed is sold) or create your own design. You may even choose to use ice cube trays or specialty shaped plastic molds (hearts, flowers, etc).

In small pan melt the coconut oil, peanut butter and sugar together over low-medium heat, stirring to prevent sticking, then remove from heat.

melt in saucepan

In separate bowl mix the remaining ingredients together, add the melted mixture and stir well till blended.

Pour the warm mixture into the pan or mold of choice and place it on a level surface in the freezer for 45-60 mins, or till fully hardened.

pour into mold, ready to freeze

Remove from mold, cut into smaller pieces if necessary, place in bird feeder cage, and hang it up outdoors. Enjoy watching the bird party! 😀

Voila! Finished product!

When the Walls Fall Away…

On this grand solar eclipse I find myself in a curious state. Much like the song lyrics in the 1972 version of Alice in Wonderland where she is shrinking smaller and smaller…

Curiouser and curiouser I find I grow curiouser
But each time I ask a question why there’s no reply
Some days are gloriouser and gloriouser
They can’t be more gloriouser
But soon as those days begin to die I’m back to why
Curiouser and curiouser what does it mean?
Where am I going? Where have I been?
Curiouser and curiouser the world makes me curiouser
I’ve so many dreams that come and go
Why is it so? Does no one know?
Curiouser and curiouser what does it mean?
Where am I going? Where have I been?
Curiouser and curiouser the world makes me curiouser
I’ve so many dreams that come and go
Why is it so? Does no one know?

Music John BarryLyrics: Don BlackFrom: “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

In this feeling I am not alone.
Just this morning I spoke with another family member who remarked how this reality doesn’t seem real and, in fact, finds it to be a very unwelcoming existence having to work and pay to live on this planet. Truly, it boggles my mind too! How is it we are the only species who literally pays to live on this little blue ball? Why is that? Who made up the idea of jobs, currency and mandated work hours? Are we all still good with this, or is it time for a paradigm shift?

In reply I mentioned how, since we moved to our new home, I often feel like I’m in a dream state. Her response was, “Yes, it feels like at any moment the walls could just fall away…”. So, what if it were true? Are we just are creating our reality in a holographic world, much like a more sophisticated version of the holodeck in Star Trek?

walls come tumbling down

Contemplating such matters using only the logic of one’s brain will burn up the nervous system. I’ve tried since I was quite little to comprehend this reality – it’s maddening. Easy enough to see why people generally avoid pondering such “heady” things and simply make do in their socially-accepted roles. However, even now everyday folks are asking bigger questions, like “Does it feel as if time is speeding up? Does it feel like the days are bleeding one into the other with no reprieve? How’s your sleep been? Are you even sleeping? Is your digestion off? Have you noticed how many people are being diagnosed with anxiety and depression? Does the world state feel a bit fragile, like something big could give at any moment?

It’s not easy being human, taking care of this bio-suit’s physical needs, leveling out the emotions, quieting the mind, and just breathing deep more regularly. We all feel it, we’re all trying to keep our personal boats from rocking too hard and tipping over. Maintaining a healthy/fit body is work enough in itself, but there’s also the sudden and often extreme weather changes to adapt to, and the wobbling economy. But wait! Theres’s more! Add in the atrocious entertainment of global pollyticks (politics), systems and institutions crumbling before our eyes, grasping desperately to hold on, their gnarly claws digging in at every possible turn to control our bodies, corral us with laws, fear-mongering, technology, while they attempt genetically modify/patent everything and ultimately drain the masses of their hearts and souls. The irony is, the masses work for them, are them, and will stand up for the tyrants because they do not know the feeling of owning their own power. The masses are us, sometimes they are our friends, our family members.

Without a doubt, these are some of the most trying times. All the more reason to check in with one’s self regularly, journal or talk to someone you trust about these matters, create a sacred space in your home to decompress, and take action that helps you hold it together. There are so many wonderful people out there, reaching out to assist with their version of what that relief might look and feel like. The key is taking the time to look and explore beyond the everyday routine for something that keeps the heart happy.

One of my favorite activities to get back in touch with the body, the breath, and really stretch is simple yoga moves. For example, Downward Dog pose (or in the photo below, very downward kitty)…

downward kitty!

That pose is a real winner because it lowers the brain below the heart. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is stop trying to the solve all the issues with the mind. It is not the boss. Hard to believe, I know. 😀 Much as I adore Spock, anyone who loved Star Trek witnessed how the excess mind-over-heart really gave him angst!

when the heart is repressed too long

Kudos to Heartmath Institute for the wonderful work they’ve compiled. Below is one of their examples of just how powerful the heart electromagnetic field really is in relation to the brain’s.

We live in a culture that has for centuries until now been heavily addicted to its lusty relationship with the left hemisphere where logic, reason, and facts-only apply. That has resulted in a very unhappy, lost and often angry mob mentality in the collective. Bowing to the heart, to its connection to the Infinite, where all is felt and known without having to justify, qualify, or have back-up data to prove is the new path. It is where peace begins. Getting back to the heart through our breath, the words we choose (speak from the heart), the compassionate actions we take may be the only hope we have of surviving these chaotic times while creating a new dream reality, one based in compassionate care for ourselves, each other, and all life.

Eclipse, by Panda Photographer

A New Look!

My beloved Terran Love Notes followers are now seeing a new page being birthed. In the spirit of Winter Solstice I am birthing myself anew as well! Like a true baby, this page will morph over time, expanding its gifts to include more of what people have either been asking for and/or I have observed could be beneficial, or at least intriguing discussion. The first blog page, Terran Love Notes, will always be the anchor for the whimsical being at my core.

Many who know of my musical background have asked for more music, meditations and such. Over time I will add links to those as they become available. We just moved so all the sound gear is still needing to be assembled. As I learn to create video I will post links there as well, but for the interim will likely be sharing other peoples’ links I find helpful, informative, relaxing, etc. Please check back in regularly and see what’s new, and please subscribe! Perhaps in time I will afford to buy a WP package w/o ads. My apologies in advance for those annoying things.

Kodama local terran, surrounded in winter’s magic

As you will see from my “ABOUT” page there is a lot to my world. Through the years I continue gaining insights, experiences, wisdom, feedback and observations in many fields of interest which I intend to share here. As always, I welcome your thoughtful reader responses. Dialoguing helps us all grow and evolve. This site is also a special dedication to those friends and family who are relinquishing the standard, social-media pages for a variety of reasons; I hope you will stay connected with me through this blog.

We are living in “very interesting times” according to Confucius. That may be a blessing or a curse, depending on one’s filters. To find a light in the dark night of the soul, a dream to reach for, a healthy meal to create, a gardening delight, or methods and ideas to help surface the magical, powerful beings we truly are is what keeps life worth living. Thankfully, many other wonderful “imaginal cells” around the planet are consciously participating as midwives to bring a more balanced paradigm into existence – I will happily share their stories and links as well.

Welcome aboard new readers and much gratitude to my faithful fans.
Here we go, here we go, here we go now!

Hunting (With A Camera) For Nature Spirits

A fortunate video find led me to author and photographer, Atala Dorothy Toy, who did a lecture for the Theosophical Society in 2018 (see  YT link below). She specializes in communing with and photographing nature spirits. In her video she provides fun insights on how to slow down, breathe deep, and feel where you’re drawn to take a photograph of nature spirits that you might otherwise miss!  Even if you do not believe such things exist the very act of getting outdoors, into fresh air and sunlight with a camera in hand is a fun adventure just the same.

Ms. Toy’s video presentation:

This morning found me bedridden for most of the day, on the verge of what felt like a flu. By the time early afternoon arrived I was feeling antsy and needed fresh air and movement. Fortunately there is a lovely, little park down the way and the sun was out. Feeling lethargic from whatever caused me to sleep so long made it easy to walk slow and take in the scenery. Hardly anyone was around so I meandered round each tree and large rock that caught my attention. The key to seeing nature spirits is to not look for them, which sounds absurd, but it’s important to release the analytical part of the brain and allow the image to present itself.

Below are a collection of before and after images. In the ‘after’ ones I have lightly traced what I picked up. You may find other interesting faces or images that I missed – that’s the fun of it! In this first image his face popped out at me, then the body became more apparent. Is he sun-gazing? Or perhaps he’s looking down his nose at all of us.

Little Rock Guy

Ms. Toy mentions that sometimes the tree spirits will create an artistic rendering of life forms they frequently encounter or an event that made a big impression on them. Looks like this tree is honoring a favorite little dog!

Fluffy Doggy

This is a cute little critter. Not sure what it might be. Kind of appeared like a sloth head at first, maybe a squirrel, cat…?

Little Smiley Face

This character was easy to spot! Reminded me of a honey badger standing on his hind legs. But, maybe a bear? What do you see?

Stern Look

Last, but not least, there’s this one. Here, again, looks like the tree is showing a memory of somebody, maybe a cowboy having a drink from his flask?

Tall, Lean Guy

It’s all good fun, and I hope this little blog inspired you to adventure around your neighborhood and make friends with your local trees, plants, nature devas. Be sure to offer your gratitude for their presence as I understand this makes for good relations between humans and the planet we share with the seen and unseen realms of life!

My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness.


From My Little Window

I rest here, gazing out the window at dainty trees who’ve lost their leaves, the pink and white sunrise casting light under a gray ceiling of clouds. Little birds flitting back and forth, pecking up hidden bits of food under decaying leaves while a little squirrel bounds across the evergreen branches.


My mind rolls the planetary clock back to a time when this land didn’t exist. A time when this planet and the surrounding solar system was a swirling dust and vapor mass in the great cosmic dream.


Turning the clock dial I imagine the magical touch of Divine geometry laying down the solar system blueprint, forming each planetary sphere.


One particular gaseous, dusty haze would ultimately form into this lovely planet over billions of years. The elemental spirits of fire, water, soil, air, and the ethers whose gravitational embrace hold it all together, are still securing the matrix upon which every body was formed.


Feeling a heart bursting sense of awe as I imagine all the scenes that would pass by this window… turbulent storms of planetary birth, fires, rains, earthquakes shaking and dividing the firmament, glaciers rising and melting, carving out the riverbeds and mountains, meteors and asteroids whizzing past and some of them crashing to a fiery death only to seed the planet with more bacteria and live-giving nutrients. After a long needed rest the powerfully oxygenated atmosphere would support massive trees, insects and dinosaurs into existence.

Great raptors would fly past my window peering in with their ancient, predator eyes, and dragonflies the size of helicopters would buzz past, their iridescent wings shimmering in the primordial sunlight.

Fast forward the clock, seeing repeated cycles of destruction and resurrection amongst the elements creating an ever-changing landscape on the planetary canvas that would inspire modern artists, poets and mystics alike.

The planetary clock rolls closer in and now I see the indigenous people coming ashore. They make their long houses and teepees, they build communities and make offerings to the spirits as they honor the web of life.


I can imagine them now, nestled along the river’s edge, in the local forests and open fields. They build great stone mounds, talk to their star ancestors, teach their children the ways of their people, and speak of the day’s events around campfire. 

credit: fred croydon – flickr

In most recent clock time the restless, pioneering settlers arrive bringing their endless hunger for material wealth and quest for religious freedom. In the blink of an eye, less than a century out of all the millions and billions of years where Nature reigned, they transform the landscape with their technology, commerce, transportation, and factories – a din of sound and light pollution that carries on through all hours of day and night on the land just across from my window.


There is talk that we are not and have never been alone as a species and this makes me wonder how the scene outside my window will morph over the next centuries and eons? Where will my spirit be at that time?


Will I be peering out some other window, in a great ship that sails the starry skies and dives into solar portals? Will I be experimenting with a new bio-suit on another planet in a distant constellation? Will I be little more than a distant memory? Perhaps all or none of the above. But the beauty is I can imagine it all, and I am an imaginal spark of Who or Whatever incrediblicious, magnanimous, fantastical imagination that birthed all life, the universes, and everything into existence! Just sitting with that realization leaves me floating in awe.

Gratitude Ceremony For Moving

Four elements and beeswax candle.

A Gratitude ceremony for the residence you’re leaving is an ideal way to collect the joyous, important memories, and to bring along the energies of land and place that align with you (and your family’s) highest well-being to join in the new abode.

Beeswax candle
(1) Sage Smudge, or incense of choice (if in smoke-free environment use bells)

Items to represent each of the four directions. In the photo example (above):
feather =  E / air;
bowl of soil = N / earth
bowl of water = W / water
pyramid = S /fire
(1) Clear Quartz cluster.

You may also choose to add photos, momentos, and other items of meaning to you.


Begin by cleaning the crystal, particularly if it has been recently purchased and/or handled by many people. Cleanse the cluster by placing it in a bowl of water and salt for a couple hours. Remove it carefully and rinse under tap water. Offer gratitude for the crystal as it has been forcibly removed from the Earth and traveled great distances to join you in this powerful moment.

Crystal cluster.

Sit with your old home, sending it heartfelt gratitude for the joy, security, and space it has provided over the years for you and your family. Feel and imagine in your heart that all the most loving, powerful, heartfelt memories and energies are going to move with you from the current home to the new home. 

Arrange the elements on a secure table or countertop with the beeswax candle in the center.

  1. Light the candle and place the crystals and the elements around it, aligned to their associated direction.
  2. Light the Sage smudge from the candle’s flame and start smudging your energy (body/aura), or use bells if you cannot release smoke in your dwelling.
  3. Go to the center of the home and face each cardinal direction, one by one, pointing with the smudge stick or bells.
  4. Ask to release your energy from the house with gratitude and love.
  5. Go into every room, asking for the release of memories and moments. Take as much time as needed in each room.
  6. As you go through each space take only the best memories with you.
  7. Go outside and do the same for the land as you walk the perimeter of your home.
  8. Come back to the center of the home and extinguish the smudge stick, or set bells aside.
  9. Taking the clear quartz into your palm walk into each room once again, asking to take the best memories with you to your new home. Visualize the memories being securely saved into the crystal. Take as much time as needed. Walk the perimeter of the land around your home and repeat the same intention.
  10. Come back to the center of the home and place the crystal next to the candle. Take your time to be alone with the house.
  11. When finished, extinguish the candle and carefully pack the crystal.