平 Mango Dreams 平

I’m back! It’s a been a ridiculously long hiatus, but so much new stuff to share! One of my latest discoveries is how to make a non-dairy mango lassi drink, or maybe you’d call it pudding, or mango meringue! Wooo hoo 儭 Whatever texture adjective you like, it’s just yummay!

Back in the day I’d wander the store produce aisles, see the mangoes and think, “Yep, there’s that tropical fruit I’ll never know how to cut”. Then someone invented a clever little “mango slicer” gadget (see image below)…

While flipping through Anthony Williams’ (Medical Medium) book titled, Life Changing Food | Save yourself and the ones You Love With the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables, he reveals the really amazing properties of mango as a:

* Sleep aid (especially if mango is consumed right before rest)
* Digestion and immune strengthener
* and so, so much more!
Who knew? Just looking at the mango makes me feel happier – such great color!

Added bonus: Combining mango with celery or a leafy salad gives one an extra boost of energy instead of a nap! Great snack combo before doing strenuous exercises or a physically demanding job.

Included in his book was a recipe for mango lassi, one of my fave drinks on a hot summer day. Typically it’s made with plain yogurt which I didn’t have, but no problem. Blending the following ingredients made for a very tasty vegan lassi:

* 1/2 banana (chilled in freezer beforehand)
* 1/2 cup oat milk
* 1 mango (pit and skin removed)
* a dash of cardamom powder
* topped with a mint leaf (optional)
Blend it all together in a mixer and voila! A cup of fluffy, creamy, healthy yum!

11 thoughts on “平 Mango Dreams 平

  1. I love your post!
    My favorite fruit in the world! I enjoyed so much mango as a child and eat occasionally whenever I see nice ones available at the market. I should probably correct my, favorite fruit in the world, by adding another favorite fruit. Quenepas! They are delicious! As a kid it was available all summer and into the fall. My Mom traveled by bus to the Spanish Harlem area to bring home all the Puerto Rican things she sorely missed from La Isla Bonita!


  2. Probably wherever there is a transplant from the Caribbean missing their native sweets! They are delicious and addictive! Oh, I miss them
    They look like a small version of a loquat but they are sweet! The mouth feel is reminiscent of mango.
    As children wed pop them into our mouths, bite the outer skin with our teeth and suck out the fruit. Yum! You may be able to find them at that huge Farmers Market in Portland. If you do, save some for me!


  3. Read the rest of this article online: Heres just a snippet!

    10 Incredible Benefits Of Quenepas
    by John Staughton (BASc, BFA) last updated – July 29, 2020 Evidence Based

    Quenepas goes by many different names around the world, but that doesnt change the impressive nutritional value and health benefits it delivers, including the ability to lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, improve digestion, strengthen bones, improve mood, and regulate hormones.


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