Talking With Birds & Clouds

For a magical moment today I felt absolutely magnetized to go outside and take in the raw, winter sunlight. Such a beautiful day, even with the crisp cold air.

After a few minutes I tilted my head back to look at the bright, blue sky and noticed three birds gliding clockwise, so slowly, and way, way high up in the air. Suddenly the crows began their distress cawing, but to me these looked initially like seagulls so why were the crows upset? On closer look a touch of gray could be spotted in their wings and their shape didn’t quite match the seagull body. “Hmm,…these might actually be falcons,” I thought to myself.

A couple crows swooped into the nearby evergreen, a grand and beautiful tree. I couldn’t see what they were chasing except a brief glimpse of a white bird silhouette. Perhaps there were actually four falcons and one came in low? The crows swooped in and out of that pine tree, over and over, cawing like mad and clearly upset! Then it was over. The crows flew off in silence back to their brooding grounds across the street. I never saw the white bird leave which felt odd, but I also didn’t get the sense the crows had mortally wounded it. The conclusion was it must’ve exited in a direction I couldn’t see from the ground.

Looking right, in the direction the crows flew, I saw a stunning image in the soft haze: A perfect formation appearing like a white bird in flight! Ah! Why is my camera nowhere around when I see these things? The image attached is the best artistic rendition I could manage, just to give you an idea.

Some while back I had watched video footage presented by water researcher, Veda Austin, showing her photographs of water that had remembered images she gave it. Stunning and fun stuff to witness! Japanese scientist, author and doctor of alternative medicine, Masaru Emoto, whose popular book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” revealed similar discoveries. In his findings the water given positive messages made perfectly beautiful snowflake images when frozen and photographed, while water that had been polluted with toxins (including toxic thoughts and emotions) quickly lost its geometric symmetry.

I wondered if the water molecules in the cloud, “seeing” the interaction of the birds was mirroring back to me that it, too, was witness to the bird show and/or to my mind’s perception and this is how it chose to communicate with me. Perhaps it was acknowledgement of a shared experience between the environment and my consciousness that, had I not been paying attention, would’ve completely missed?

If you are interested in learning more about water and its amazing properties please check out the following links, and Thank you for reading this blog! You’re much appreciated! 😘🙏🌟

Veda Austin

Masaru Emoto

4 thoughts on “Talking With Birds & Clouds

    1. Oh my gosh! Hello Sheila❣️ Geez, my husband says the same thing. But I keep adding more blogs so I’d have to keep re-writing the book! LOL. Maybe my kids will publish it after I’m gone. 👻


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