At the ❤️ of the Matter

A single candlelight illuminates even the darkest room, yet the brightest light casts the darkest shadows.


The shadow cannot exist without the light.

Duality is an inherent quality of life in this reality.

Likewise, our brain is divided, left and right. Our mission in schoolroom Earth is to practice equilibrium by walking the middle path.

Emotions are the side effect of our thoughts and beliefs about this reality, and our state of health. They are not a by-product of our ❤️.

Like the 🌞 and ✨ that shine unconditionally upon every form of life, the ❤️ beats unconditionally, regardless of the mind’s dualistic thinking.

The ❤️ is electrified into awakening by Source.

The ❤️’s electromagnetic field extends vastly farther into the body’s surrounding space than the brain’s EM field.

The ❤️ entrains its rhythms to the ❤️beat of the 🌍, (aka the Schumann Resonance).

The 🌎’s ❤️beat entrains it’s rhythms to the pulses of our 🌞.

Our 🌞 entrains its rhythms to the central galactic 🌞, called Alcyone.

Our galaxy is akin to one cell of countless galaxies inside the body of the Universe. Our Universe is but one of the multiverses (or “many songs”) sung into existence.

The Divine Source IS ALL, the Mystery, the seen and unseen, the known and unknown. Call it what we will, we are the Source, and Source IS us, and speaks to us with every beat of our ❤️.

This is why we bow to the ❤️ each day. The ❤️ knows the Truth. There is nowhere to go but within for the answers and the peace we so long for.

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