Quality of Life

Heaven’s path on Earth

I’ve been watching a lot of Near Death Experiencer videos on YT these days – they’re SO inspirational! About 99% of the folks come back from the “other side” completely overhauled from bathing in the ultimate, unconditional love, healing, and bonding with deceased friends pets, family and Light of Source (God, call it what you will). It’s like a freaking party over there!

🎈 🎉 🎊✨💝

After watching so many of these uplifting shows it leaves one wondering wth we’re doing to ourselves over here on 3D Earth, wallowing in unprecedented levels of fear, isolation, and drowning in tsunamis of negativity from the mainstream media? How do we go about getting more of that Ultimate Love over here?

One NDE’r said, “I think the whole world just needs to have a near death experience to reset the human consciousness!” LOL That’s genius ! I couldn’t agree more. But he also said you can’t cheat and try to get that experience prematurely by taking yourself out. He was pretty sure he’d land in a different place than where he went when he (temporarily) died naturally; not that he’d land in hell but felt sure it wouldn’t feel as elevated either.

Today I remembered a couple who used to come to me for bodywork for several years, a very sweet retired couple who were great representatives of the “preventative health maintenance” style of living. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and my goodness! He went downhill real fast. Next thing I knew the wife was diagnosed with several inoperable brain tumors! She had been caring for him for over a year and hiring a helper to shuttle him to the multitude of weekly medical appointments. Needless to say, she’d turned into an exhausted, hot mess! While he was still cognitive enough to answer for his own health choices they jointly agreed to take advantage of Oregon’s assisted “Death With Dignity” law. They invited their family in for their last goodbyes and attended their own “Celebration of Life” (obviously this all happened prior to cv). They saw the end of the line coming for the both of them and just as they’d made a conscious choice to live a healthy life, they jointly decided to consciously exit.

Anyway, just felt like sharing these thoughts after another long day of patients telling me endless stories of health issues, chronic body aches, poor quality sleep, fears and phobias fueled by dire predictions about a bleak, global future. I don’t know about my readers but I personally don’t have the luxury to wallow in constant fear. I’ve had several close brushes with death in my life and I’m here to tell ya – you’re gonna be alright. ✨❤️

What i’d love to help people focus on – and inspire in you – is what’s going right with our bodies. Try talking to your body everyday and say how you appreciate all it does for you – it’s been through a lot! Make time to laugh, fuel the “attitude of gratitude”, get out in Nature, be generous with your smile and compliments to people you meet, and let’s anchor Heaven on Earth. There’s plenty of forces working 24-7 to derail the positive, gracious, immensely beautiful human spirit from blossoming into its true potential. No need to feed that beast.

We’re better than that, and we’ve got big teams rallying for us just a breath away! ❤️


Retired U.S. navy commander, Suzanne, has been a fun source of messages lately.


(photo credit: iStock photos)

4 thoughts on “Quality of Life

  1. Well, we can choose to be positive or negative – I’m glad you made the right choice in spite of the negativity around you, I’m sure many would be overwhelmed with hearing it on a daily basis.

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