Nature’s Message 🌲🌷🌏

Grand Black Walnut tree, photo: R Chante

I slept outside last night to be closer to the Earth. I don’t want to be homeless or surrounded by noisy tourists in a campground to know the feel of the planet under my body. I awoke this morning a little achy but way more alert.

Why choose to occasionally sleep in one’s own backyard rather than a cozy bed? Let’s say I was inspired by some tree friends. 🌲❤️

Recently I shared a little video footage on FB of historic trees local to my work that are likely to be cut down in the near future, making way for man-made construction. Acknowledging them now in their vibrant, life-giving state even amidst my deep feeling of grief seemed the right thing to do.

For me, healing medicine lies in choosing to document and share Nature’s story. I am a traveler on this little planet 🌏 and sharing these diary entries feels to be my mission!

Inevitable change at an unprecedented rate is happening on Earth and shows no signs of easing up. In posting Nature images I feel there is a message being shared from the Spirit of the wild:

Astounding beauty, endurance, and ability to rise from the ashes of destruction and decay is a gift we all have within. While not everyone will take advantage of this gift, some may not believe it even exists, the seed of regeneration is there nonetheless. We choose to acknowledge, nurture then act upon it with our awareness, courage and gratitude for this precious and unique life we are experiencing.

To access the beauty and renewal sometime means you won’t be same person you were when you began this sojourn. We see this in a forest that’s been engulfed by wildfire and completely burned to the ground. Amidst the ashes lies the seeds of life the original plants left to continue their legacy, but the forest that emerges from the ashes will not appear the same as its predecessor.

Likewise, each day we rise to a new dawn we are not the same person, subtle changes are occurring all the time. If you should go through harrowing life experiences that devastate body, heart and mind you’re like a forest that’s been ravaged by the 🔥. The seeds of great power, resurrection, and love remain within you full of potential. Having free will humans may choose to remain (consciously or unconsciously) in a state of overwhelm, loss of identity, and even soul loss which may hinder the Phoenix from rising. There is no judgment either way. Simply to say that Nature is here to remind and inspire humanity of the eternal and enduring life force that exists, in this life and all other planes of existence.

So, long story short, I slept outside to remember the beauty, grace, support and vitality of Nature all around. I wanted the planet to feel my tiny body and heartbeat pulsing in harmony with the planetary heartbeat. I wanted to remember this moment, this landscape and this beautiful night and I wanted it to remember me, for however long either of us last in physical form.

A bright, white star emerged in the sky overhead, powered up to a magnificent glow, then swiftly faded. I knew my star family was close by, honoring my presence and choice to sleep in the great outdoors. The stars have shared their songs with me many nights so this evening I returned the song and played my shakuhachi flute.

What an honor to be amongst the indigenous life forms of this tiny corner of the world: trees great and small, summer flowers, little bugs sleeping in their cozy earthen homes, baby squirrels curled up in their tree burrows, and tiny birds huddled in their nests. I sang them a little song then rested. Today was a good day. ❤️

6 thoughts on “Nature’s Message 🌲🌷🌏

  1. Well done daughter! I read it twice and it inspired me to sit out side this morning with my coffee rather than listen to the blather on tv . . .

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  2. I remember the wonderful feeling of sleeping under the stars in our backyard as a kid. Your post makes me want to revisit that experience again. Wonderful that you fully appreciate the gifts nature offers freely to us every day. Surely, we would have a happier world if more partook of her loveliness rather than trying to destroy it. Warm wishes to you —

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  3. Inspirational words that light a fire within my soul and heart. Thank you! I love “camping” too! I have to do it during daylight hours (so many wild poisonous critters) here but still a great experience for meditative healing.

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    1. Ahh thank you Norma! And yes, I can see how you’d have to be more careful! Someday I’ll write a blog about my adventures o’nighting in the Grand Canyon! Desert critters are no joke! 😁


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