Dreamy Pink Fruit Smoothie 🌸

What better way to celebrate a sunshiny day than a fruit smoothie! Especially if, like me, you bought a giant watermelon that wasn’t quite ripe! 🤪

Not wanting to waste the watermelon (tho I fed a fair amount to the horses- they were happy), I decided to throw a bunch of fruits on hand into the blender with it. Turns out if you add little strawberry, banana, and a touch of maple syrup (optional) you get a mighty pretty, tasty little summer drink! 🍉🍌🍓💚

3 thoughts on “Dreamy Pink Fruit Smoothie 🌸

  1. So cool!!! I love that you fed the horsies watermelon so cuuute💖 Looking at your smoothie recipe makes me happy for some reason 😊 I bought some Hood River organic strawberries the other day and maple syrup is my new sweetener lately. I use it on my chai teas, oatmeal and cream of wheat also topping for my vanilla ice cream and toasts. Lol. I’ll try your recipe today💖

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