❤️Calling All Good Hearts❤️

Love’s Roses

Went to the grocery store after work today. An African-American man in line in front of me had a beaauuuutiful bouquet of oranges roses in his grocery basket. I asked if he bought them there, as I’d never seen flowers sold at that store. He didn’t hear me but the cashier did, and she replied “He bought them elsewhere and brought them in with him.” Then she said to him, “You have a very lucky friend to get such pretty roses from you.” His voiced picked up in volume and he said, “I bought them for me because being an African-American man right now I feel such grief and I need to show myself some love.” An African-American woman was standing behind me, but she was elderly and maybe didn’t hear him. My eyes teared up a bit. I stepped forward to get his attention and said, “You need to know we love you.❤️“ He dipped his head a bit and softly replied, “Thank you.” When he walked away the cashier said, “ He’s a lovely man.”

If only they knew the love so many of us feel, if only the media would pay more attention to those who are doing acts of kindness between races, if only people wouldn’t be so shy and just shared the truth of their hearts as he did today, and as we did in return. I’ve been having such intimate encounters like this lately and they feel like golden opportunities to give Love a voice.

The photo of the roses are from my garden. They pale in comparison to one’s he chose for himself, but I share them here in his honor, and in honor of all who are oppressed and needing to know how truly loved they are.

If you take anything away from this, please express yourself. Don’t wait. The time is now to speak, share, express and represent Love more than ever before.🌷❤️

6 thoughts on “❤️Calling All Good Hearts❤️

  1. I’m very touched that you reached out to this man and expressed your love. I think that he really needed to hear it and understand that not everyone has hate in their hearts and minds towards people who are different from ourselves. You probably gave this man hope in knowing that not everyone who isn’t an African American, Hispanic, or whatever category that we have been all assigned to, are unaccepting of any difference amongst all humanity. We are really all one.

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  2. That is just what I needed to read today.
    I would like to read, or view or hear something like this everyday.
    Thank you for expressing your loving kindness to this man, and for sharing it with us.

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  3. Dear Regina I had to read this again when I was checking my email. I am feeling like every one on this post who commented and needed to read more uplifting stories like yours and how you expressed your compassionate heart and kind gesture to this beautiful African American gentleman who bought a beautiful rose for himself to cheer his heart up man that just brings tears to my eyes again😢 Thsnk you Regina for sharing this beautiful post/blog for us 💖your beautiful positive and uplifting encounter is SO much needed in this difficult sad times we’re all experiencing right now especially all our fellow African American friends in this planet. 😢Love you! 💖

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